Boozing on a Budget: Evan Williams 1783

Boozing on a Budget: Evan Williams 1783

I don’t always drink spirits, but when I do, I prefer bourbon. Not that I’m the Most Interesting Man in the World (or probably even part of the top quintile of the Most Interesting) or anything. 

In addition to being not-overly-interesting, I happen to be not-overly-cash-endowed. Because of this, I like bargains. And in the world of bourbon, there is not better deal than Evan Williams 1783. At $11 or so a bottle, this, in many people’s minds, would dip into the infamous “Bottom Shelf” designation. Luckily for you and your wallet (or purse, of course), this price has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of 1783, which drinks like something twice it’s price.

I’m not a bourbon connoisseur, but I’ve got to the point where I can appreciate a bourbon that can be enjoyed without a mixer – or even without much more than an ice cube or a splash of water. Evan Williams, a ten year old small batch offering, drinks smooth as silk (perhaps even a tad too smooth, entering “soft” territory) without the need for any ice or even a drop of water. It’s not the most complex bourbon out there, but it has a pleasant caramel sweetness, a hint of citrus, and a decent amount of oakiness. The best part about it is that it lacks the characteristic harshness and burn of most cheap, young spirits.

Is Evan Williams the best bourbon I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking? Obviously not. I wouldn’t expect that from a $10, or even $20, bottle. It is however, in my modest opinion, better than pretty much anything in it’s price range and is more than acceptable for everyday drinking – whether you like yours neat or cocktailed up. This is definitely will be in constant rotation at my house. Two thumbs up for Evan Williams 1783 from this moderately interesting guy.

For much more thorough and informed reviews than the one above, check out Evan Williams 1783’s Bourbon Enthusiast review page.

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