Housecleaning: Guest Writing for Queen City Drinks

Now that I’m starting to feel good about this blog and what kind of content I’d like to see on it, I’m going to venture out into the vast world of the interwebs and try to start soliciting some more content providers (AKA: bloggers). This will be in conjunction with a real domain name in the near future and a more professional-looking page in the longer-term future. For now, though, all I’m concerned about is content.

I’m going to keep it very informal; set up a user name, post as you feel, and I’ll get it published, with full attribution to you, of course. Though I will make exceptions, I would prefer content to be locally-driven (Ohio, preferably Southwest Ohio, or Kentucky, preferably Northern Kentucky). This can be for beer, wine, or spirits. Shoot, if you’re clever, I might even accept coffee or tea. They are “drinks” after all.

Anyways, if you have a voice you want to be heard, but are too lazy to start your own blog or just want to write for someone else’s for a change, get in touch with me at @Cincy_Drinks or

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