Hello (an introduction from QCD Contributor Tom)

A brief introduction from one of the new Queen City Drinks team members… I’ll be looking forward to some great content from Tom! Welcome!J

Hey there readers,

Just wanted to hop on and quickly introduce myself. I’ve been drinking beer for more years than I’ve legally been allowed to, but only drinking good beer for the past 7 or so. And of those 7, I’ve only been thinking about good beer for the past 2 years. I got started on the path towards good beer during a family trip to Europe. Our last stop was Brussels and a dinner on the Grand Platz. When asked what we wanted to drink we just asked for whatever the popular local beer was. By the time we finished, the four of us had finished 5 bottles of Chimay Grande Reserve (the blue label). This was back in the old days of 2004 when Kroger only carried AB-InBev and Miller/Coors products. Of course, now you can get the Chimay Grande Reserve just about everywhere. Well, that set me on my course to drinking good beer and I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for any type of Belgian Ale from Coor’s Blue Moon to Victory Brewing’s Golden Monkey (my favorite beer) up to the fantastical Trappistes Rochefort 10 and it’s 11.3% ABV of awesomeness.

I hope everyone will not necessarily agree with, but at least enjoy the many beer reviews to come!


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