Beer Review: Flying Dog Double Dog

I want to like Flying Dog’s beers more than I do. I’ve tried 4 or 5 different brews now, I love the names and the artwork but I just haven’t really enjoyed the beers too much. That is until now….

Brewery: Flying Dog
Beer: Double Dog
Style: Imperial IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 11.5%

Pours a beautiful amber brown with a wonderful off-white head that fades rather quickly. A few days ago I talked about the Saison du BUFF looking like what “typical beer” looks like, this… this is what damn good beer should look like. It is a really beautiful beer and my picture does it no justice at all.

As soon as my nose gets close to the glass I can smell the strength of the alcohol. Past the alcohol it smells like your average IPA, maybe a bit more malt than usual and something burnt, probably grains.

The taste is fairly bitter and again has a pretty strong bite, but is fairly standard imperial IPA material.

The mouth feel is smooth and delightful with a medium body and a dry finish.

While I haven’t had much to say about this beer I don’t want people to think I don’t like it. This is a great beer, it’s like a typical IPA cranked up to 11. A straight up IPA taste but with a whole lot more alcohol.

This gets an easy 4/5 rating and I’d be happy to have it again.

4 thoughts on “Beer Review: Flying Dog Double Dog”

    1. Imperial IPA is kind of a vague term that’s open to interpretation, interpretation which varies by brewer. Basically take an IPA and crank it up with more hops, more malt, and more alcohol by volume.

      You might also see the term Double IPA which is the same thing as an Imperial IPA.


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