Beer Review: Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale

I am intentionally trying all the Belgian’s that I can and I’m always up for a new IPA but it appears I’m also, semi-subconsciously, on a Red ale kick. That kick continues with an entry from Bear Republic…

Bear Republic - Red Rocket AleBrewery: Bear Republic
Beer: Red Rocket Ale
Style: American Red Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 6.8%

Pours a deep dark amber that borders on brown. This appears to be very carbonated with a brownish, quickly fading head. I like the fact that this color is more intense than the typical amber ale. That first picture doesn’t really do the color enough justice so here is another. 

This has a big powerful smell that seems warm and hoppy with some nice caramel malt sensations as well. Also not the typical amber smell and I’m getting more excited for the taste.

It first hits the tongue with more caramel malt flavors then comes back around with a very solid dose of hops. This is the Red Ale for hop heads. The beer finishes off with a slightly different dry taste of  a hint of toasted malt.

The mouth feel has a heavy full body with very mild carbonation.

Like I said before this is the Red ale for the hop head and it really is an American Red Ale. A complex blended style of Scottish Reds and American hoppyness. I almost said American IPAs but don’t want to give the impression the that hop level here even compares to an average IPA. It’s just very hoppy for a red ale. With out a doubt this is my favorite Red ale so far.

I’m giving this a 4/5 rating and would recommend it for any fans of Red ales or beer lovers who are trying to bring their friends into the fold. Especially if those friends prefer Killian’s.

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