The Cincinnati 6-pack

On a recent family get together I was talking with my brother-in-law’s brother-in-law about local beers in our respective areas. It got me thinking that I wish Cincinnati brewers would get together and make a Cincinnati 6-pack. Something like this, but with beer. Now I’m relatively sure that there may be laws preventing such a thing, but I could always go to a bottle shop and build one myself.

The bigger problem is what goes in there? So I decided to write a list of what I would include in such a 6-pack. These decisions were based solely on what I like and think people should try. Also, I decided to narrow it down to year-round brews that are currently available. Sorry Blank Slate, maybe I’ll update this list next year with you.

Here’s my list:

Moerlein Northern Liberties
Moerlein Helles
Rivertown Hop Bomber
Rivertown Roebling
Mt. Carmel Nut Brown
Mt. Carmel Amber Ale

Same as before plus:
Rivertown Hop Baron
Triple Digit Aftermath
Moerlein OTR
Moerlein Barbarossa
Hudy 14-k
Hudy Delight

Now I’m sure everyone has different opinions on this. So sound off in the comments below, on the Facebook page, or on the Twitter feed. Maybe we can come to a collective consensus and get Moerlein, Rivertown, Mt. Carmel and the rest on board!

5 thoughts on “The Cincinnati 6-pack”

  1. Rivertown Lambic, Listermann Cincinnatus, Rivertown Hop Baron, Mt. Carmel Amber, Rivertown Blonde, Listermann IPA

    They aren’t all 12 ounce format, but I don’t care!


  2. Sticking just with Moerlein, Mt. Carmel, and Rivertown my list would be pretty similar.
    I would just swap Moerlein Northern Liberties with OTR and Rivertown Hop Bomber with Hop Baron.


    1. I went back and forth on those quite a bit. I figure the Hop Baron has more widespread appeal then the Hop Bomber. That’s why I bounced it back to the 12-pack.


  3. MadTree psycHOPathy
    Blank Slate pitter patter
    Rivertown roebling
    Moerlein Zeppelin
    Listermann Jungle Honey
    Mt Carmel harvest

    Cellar Dweller dead dweller and many other are definitely missed on the list. Hard to pick just 6!


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