Beer Review: Sam Adam’s Dark Depths

Sam Adam’s seems to be on a kick about taking different beer styles, adding hops, and calling it an IPA. In this case we have a Baltic Porter IPA.

Brewery: Sam Adams
Beer: Dark Depths
Style: Baltic Porter
Alcohol by volume: 7.6%

This pours a tempting looking dark brown that borders on black. There is a minimal amount of firm brown head that seems to be going nowhere anytime soon.

It’s a complex smell of coffee, hops, grain, and a small sensation of roasted malt.

The taste is equally complex starting off with roasted malts, throwing in a bit of hop citrus flavors, then some smooth sweetness, and barely any sense of the strength of the alcohol.

The mouth feel is beyond smooth and creamy, it’s lusciously smooth and deliciously creamy.

This is a very interesting beer that I thoroughly enjoyed having. Though I have some complaints about including “IPA” on the bottle. There is very little hop flavor and even less bitterness, two staples of an IPA. It is however delightfully enjoyable and doesn’t even really feel like I’m drinking a beer. I’m happy to give this a 4/5 rating and hope that the “limited release” isn’t so limited I can’t snag some more.

3 thoughts on “Beer Review: Sam Adam’s Dark Depths”

  1. This beer came from O’Bryan’s out in Deerfield. But I would think you could snag it at most places. I recall seeing some bombers of it at Jungle Jims along with the Tasman Red and Gryffin’s Bow, though there should also be mixed 12-packs of all of them.


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