Beer Review: Great Divide Tripel

Brewery: Great Divide

Beer: Tripel

Style: Tripel

Alcohol by Volume: 9.3%

Pours a dirty straw color with ample, thick, foamy head that takes forever to dissolve.

Smells very yeasty with lots of various fruit flavors. These are standard smells for this style of beer, but feel a bit better here then in most American Belgians.

Tastes similar to the smell with zesty orange and sweet apples as well as the addition of a bit of candy malt flavors. Near the end of the sip you get the warming sensation of the 9.3% and a wee bit of bitterness from the noble hops, but it’s barely noticeable.

The mouth feel is medium, medium body and medium carbonation.

Overall it’s an average Tripel and not much more. I’ve had a lot of good brews from Great Divide so this kind of disappoints me, but I always have high standards and expectations when it comes to Belgian styles. As for a rating I’ll give it a 2.5 and throw in a bonus .5 for being a Belgian style to bring it up to 3/5.

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