Where I buy beer

A question recently came up on one of my beer reviews about where I buy beer. I’m out on the northern edge of the greater Cincinnati area so some of these places may be pretty far for our readers. Though my options out here are rather limited so I often have to travel far to buy worthy brews.

  • Jungle Jims
    • A lot of people in the Cincinnati area are already familiar with Jungle Jims, even if only for their strange bathrooms. Luckily, those bathrooms are right next to there extensive beer selection. It’s broken down with 2 rows of imports, 1 full height and 2 half-height rows of American brews. These are all 6-packs and bombers here. There is also about 3 rows of 12-packs of various origin. The real present here is the pick a 6 selection. There are a solid 100 or so beers here, unfortunately it doesn’t change very often though. Like everything with Jungle Jim’s there is also an incredible amount of wine and liquor.
  • Dorothy Lane Market
    • So the blog is Queen City Drinks, but I’m out in the hinterlands of Cincinnati and the Dorothy Lane Market (DLM) stores in Dayton are closer to me then the Party Source in Kentucky. DLM is similar to Trader Joes in lots of unique food, but it’s also got most things you might need to buy from Kroger. There beer selection isn’t huge but is wide ranging. They typically only have 1 facing (shelf space) for each 6-pack or bomber which is nice because it guarantees a wide selection. There isn’t any pick 6 available but there is a great selection of bombers which is frequently updated.
  • O’Bryan’s
    • O’Bryan’s is a nice store out in Deerfield (north of Loveland, east of Mason) that has a pretty extensive beer selection of 6-packs and bombers and a small pick 6 selection. I will warn that O’Bryan’s has a tendency to be $1 or so more per item then the other places on my list. Like Jungle Jim’s they also have a decent liquor selection and lots of wine… which I know nothing about it.
  • Party Source
    • I’m gonna guess that a lot of people already know Party Source well. Right across the river from Cincinnati and just down the road from the Levy. As with Jungle Jim’s and O’Bryan’s there is wine and liquor aplenty. As far as beer is concerned they have a tremendous selection of beer in bombers and 6-packs as well as the biggest (at least on this list) pick 6 selection.
  • Dutch’s
    • I only recently found out about Dutch’s thanks to my sister-in-law living 2 blocks away. Dutch’s is my favorite on this list, despite being a hefty drive for me down to Hyde Park. It’s my favorite due to the combo bar + bottle shop. They’ve got a small wine & beer bar with 10 taps of all craft selections. The bottle shop is mainly broken up 6-packs and bombers but is a very diverse selection.

Anyway, that’s where I buy most of my beer. I’d love to hear where everyone else goes especially in the Monroe/West Chester area!

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