Beer Blogging Conference – Day 1

Here’s the notes from the first day of Beer Bloggers Conference 2012 in Indy. Not sure if I’ll stick to this format for the next 2 days but time will tell. So far there has been lots of interesting stuff to share that I hope everyone enjoys reading!

From the Trade show

  • Sam Adam’s Double Pumpkin – Expect this to hit store shelves nation wide around september. It packs an incredible pumpkin punch which boarders on being overwhelming but doesn’t quite go that far. Also, it is July so my fall oriented taste buds may still be in their summer hibernation. 8.5% makes it pack a nice alcohol punch, which you don’t really taste or fell though.
  • Upland’s Dragonfly IPA – This is one folks in Cincinnati should keep an eye out for. They’re in Bloomington and plan to expand to Cincinnati soon. This IPA is a bit different than the typical IPA since it’s got much more malt flavor going for it than the average IPA. It’s not overpowering by any means and you can still clearly tell this is an IPA, but it’s a nice change from the normal hop power of most IPAs.

Some crazy facts from Julia Herz the craft beer program director from the Brewers association and

  • 1000+ citizen bloggers in the US is pretty crazy.
  • 1978 the Brewer’s association had 42 companies, now there are 2,000+ producing 140 different beer styles.
  • Beer is a $95 billion dollar industry… Craft beer is $8.7 billion
  • Craft beer is 5.7% volume but 9.1% revenue!
  • If a craft brewer gets bought out by InBev or company it takes more than 25% ownership by InBev for them to lose their craft status.

Garret Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery

  • “The supermarket is the matrix” talking about how wonder bread, and mass produced beer, looked like progress to people in the 50s and 60s.
  • Brewers are trying to be artists and craftsman and hoping that that’s what people want. Not focus grouping every decision they make and fretting about what reviewers will say.
  • “The more I understand about beer, the more beautiful and the more mysterious it actually becomes”
  • Forget about “beer for beginners” give them everything and let them pick for themselves. If the 80 year old granny wants to rock 10% dark chocolate stout then let her!

Live Beer Blogging

  • Flat12 Bierwerks
    • Local Indianapolis brewer only in the game for about a year and a half.
    • Pogue’s run porter – Nice and smooth porter with a great toothless grin for a logo.
  • Triton Brewing Company
    • Just opened the doors labor day of 2011, so they’re fresh to the game. They plan on coming to Ohio “soon”
    • Magnificent Amber Ale – “a lot of hop profile and a lot of malt profile” packing in 4.5% ABV. Nice dark amber color to it but feels a bit more malty to me than most Ambers, not that it’s a bad thing. It’s a nice beer that I can’t wait to have more of.
  • Three Floyds
    • Need no introduction IMO
    • Arctic Panzer Wolf 9% ABV Imperial IPA – “you want to try bitter IPAs well here you go” It certainly does have a bitter kick from “lots of dry hopping.” It still does contain a bit of sweetness, though there is a kinda acidic bite to it up front
  • New Belgium
    • Needs no intro
    • Check out my massive New Belgium review for a review of this one
  • RAM – Restaruant & Brewery
    • End Game – Strong Russian imperial stout. Expect to see it in a woodford reserve barrel aged style. This is a heavy hitter especially after the New Belgium Shift. 8.2%. This is part of their apocalypse series like Rivertown is doing. But they want everything to be ready on December 21st.
  • Boulder Brewing Company
    • Hazed & Infused – American Pale Ale @ 4.5% – Boulder Beer’s biggest seller. It packs a nice flavor and is highly sessionable. Everyone should give it a go and I’m gonna give it a full review when I get a chance.
  • Karl Strauss
    • Only in San Fransico, 44th largest craft brewer but only sells their beer in California including Disney Land. Sorry Ohio readers, don’t expect to see this anytime soon.
    • Wreck Alley Imperial Stout – Bit of a light body but a strong hit of alcohol and flavor. Lots of coffee beans going on in here.
  • Schlafly
    • From St. Louis, founded in 1991 some old boys. They are in Indiana and Kentucky, but not Ohio.
    • American IPA – Nice, only 11 days old! I like the name being straight to the point. I’m not giving any opinions anymore, I’m smashed.
  • Barley Island
    • Local to Nobelsville, IN… or Deer Creek to Phish Fans. Distribute to Indiana, Ohio is a possibility but no firm plans, sorry folks.
    • Damien – Belgian Strong Dark Ale @ 10.2% – Pours a nice light color
  • Fountain Square Brewing Company
    • Turns out Indianapolis also has a fountain square… but I hear ours is better Who-Dey! We can’t win super bowls but we can win Fountain contests!
    • Workingman’s pilsner – Nice and smooth pilsner.Don’t listen to anything I say.

We’re off to the Tomlinson Tap Room so I’m calling this post a draw for the night.

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