Beer Review: Stone Enjoy By 11.09.12

This beer (the second of 2 in the series so far) is a very cool idea that hasn’t gotten much attention lately. Most people drink beer whenever they feel like it, some people keep beer for years letting it age, very few people strive to drink beer as fast as possible to experience an ultra fresh brew. That is Stone’s aim with this beer, and it’s predecessor the Enjoy By 9.21.12. They bottled and shipped this beer as fast as they could and once November 9th has come and gone they are taking back all the bottles and tossing them. This ensures that if this beer is consumed, it’s consumed fresh. The concept doesn’t matter much for many kinds of beers, especially my favorite Belgian ales, but when it comes to IPAs and super hoppy double IPAs the fresher the better. Hops lose their aroma and flavor with every day that goes by so Stone aims to make sure you get all the flavor. Now, don’t worry and think that the next IPA you buy is crap because it’s a few weeks old. A strawberry you buy at Kroger is still tasty, just not as rockin’ as one plucked off the vine.

Brewery: Stone
Beer: Enjoy By 11.09.12
Style: Double IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 9.4%
Bottled On: 10.05.12

Fills the glass with a beautiful amber golden brown (which reminds me of a song) and a nice layer of fluffy white head, which drops to nothing as I walk 5 feet to the couch to write this. I really dig the color of this beer.

As soon as I opened the bottle I got a whiff of the hops which only increased in intensity after I poured my glass. There is plenty of hop resin and fruit aromas mainly focusing on peaches as well as some pineapple action.

The taste is smother than I thought it was gonna be. I was prepped for a bitter slam of hop flavor but I got some nice bready malt up front and center followed by massive hop flavor. Massive hop flavor combined with moderate hop bitterness, I really enjoy this aspect of this beer. So often you get decent hop flavor combined with lots of bitterness, not here. I don’t know if that’s the freshness or not, but I think it is. That hop flavor that I’m talking about packs more pineapple, peach, tropical fruit punch.

The body is on the light side of medium and has a very crisp finish. Some subtle hints of the alcohol that lets you know it is 9%, but it’s not in your face at all.

Overall I’ve really dug this beer, it’s got an amazing hop flavor, light crisp body, and pleasing but not overwhelming bitterness. I am disappointed that this won’t be available for long, I don’t really want to drink this nonstop for the next month but I definitely want to have it a few more times. This beer has made me want to home brew more than any other I’ve had yet.

This beer should be available at most better beer stores in Ohio and Colorado for the next month, you can find a list of those stores here Stone Enjoy By IPA, as I said before come November 10th these will be gone. I scored this from Village Wine Cellar in downtown Lebanon which is a rocking little joint that you’ll being hearing more about in a few days. I was only there for all of 10 minutes today but they’ve got a good selection and a great attitude. If you live in the northern burbs do yourself a favor and check out this joint, and pick up this beer while you’re at it.

No matter where you live you got 30 days and counting to enjoy this beer so go out there and get your drink on! (responsibly please)

2 thoughts on “Beer Review: Stone Enjoy By 11.09.12”

  1. I enjoyed a draft last night at Cock and Bull Hyde Park and then picked up a couple bottles at Root Cellar (among other beers). Very reasonably priced at $5.99 I thought. Anyway, I thought it was very good. I’m not generally a fan of super, hit-you-over-the-head with hops beers, but I thought it was very well balanced.

    When I first heard about Stone’s Enjoy By IPA, I figured we’d never see it here because we aren’t the closest state to CA. But I was pleasantly surprised to hear us and Colorado where getting some of the 2nd batch. Thanks Stone!


  2. I also picked up a bottle of this last night, and I thought it was tremendous. It’s easily the best IPA I’ve had from Stone, blowing their normal IPA, Ruination, and Ruination 10th out of the water. Despite its 9.4% ABV, it drank more like a regular IPA and not a DIPA because the thin-ness of the body and lack of noticeable alcohol. I’m more of a citrus (rather than floral) hop person, and I think this hit the nail on the head. It was a hop bomb, but at the same time it was well-balanced. Not to mention, it was very attractively priced. I would drink this all the time if it was available.


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