[UPDATED] New local beer alert: Blank Slate Fume Cherrywood Smoked Porter

This is very, very preliminary. I saw late last week that the label was approved and contacted Scott with Blank Slate, but haven’t heard back yet. When I hear more, I’ll update this post. As of now, all I know is what’s in the name. I may hazard a guess that this is the special thing Blank Slate will be featuring at Hopnosis (The Comet, December 7 & 8), but that is entirely a guess.


Scott got back to me this morning with some details on the beer:

“It is a Brown Porter that uses Cherrywood Smoked Malt.  The beer comes in at about 5.5% ABV and should start rolling out around the end of the month.  It’s not meant to be a smoke “bomb” like a Rauchbier and the Cherrywood malt gives it a distinctly different character that is not as “ashy” or “bacony” as the standard beechwood smoked malt.  There will be a special version of it released at Hopnosis that will be a one keg only release.  It will be called “Fumar Chile” so I’ll let your imagination figure out what that means!”

(H/T to Beer Pulse)

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