Beer Review: Rivertown Hop Bomber

After drinking stouts all week it’s nice to get back to more familiar territory. I’ve had Rivertown’s Hop Bomber on numerous occasions but have never given it a review on this site or an overwhelming amount of thought. It’s been easy to drink this without too much thought because it’s a good session beer. It’s not too outstanding in anyway but not to mild to be noticeable disappointing. While I do take issue with the name I do love this beer. Time to get drinking!

Hop Bomber? No. Delicious? Yes!

Brewery: Rivertown
Beer: Hop Bomber
Style: American Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 5.5%

Great rust/copper color with nice white fluffy head. The head hangs around a bit and slowly drops down leaving a really nice lacing along the way. Really beautiful looking beer, kind of a classic appearance for better beer.

Great aroma with some citrus hops and a strong malt background, there is also a nice bit of spiciness in the nose. All of which leads up to a very enticing smell.

The flavor kicks off with a powerful malt body followed up by some spice from the rye they add into the brew. There is a small hop presence with some citrus flavors that remind me slightly of lemon and oranges. The hops also kick in some bitterness, not much though, just enough to balance things out. Overall a nice, smooth, relaxingly complex flavor.

Medium body mouth feel with a fair bit of carbonation. Not sure if it’s the lemon or the rye but something kicks in a nice bit of zing.

This is my favorite brew from Rivertown and my overall favorite from all of the Cinci brewers. While I love this beer I have a serious gripe about its name. This is no hop “bomber” by any means. My complaint is confounded by their double IPA being call Hop Baron. Based on names alone I would assume the Baron is and IPA and the Bomber is the DIPA. Names aside this is an awesome beer that I love to session and is great for really any occasion. I got this 6-pack at the local Kroger and it should be available at pretty much any grocery store and every better beer seller in the area, if neither of those floats your boats head to the brewery for fresh beer on tap and a growl to take home!

4 thoughts on “Beer Review: Rivertown Hop Bomber”

  1. Hey Tom,

    I’m glad that you questioned the name it actually has a very unique story behind it. I actually originally brewed this beer for my grandfather back eight years ago, He was a Milwaukee’s best drinker for years and years, This was the first beer that broke him away from fizzy yellow water as we know He would always ask me to bring it to family functions or to gatherings for him. About five years ago we went to the warbird Museum in Clermont County which I recommend anybody go check out if you get the chance, Anyways along our tour we noticed that they began restoring a b24 Liberator bomber, my grandfather’s eyes lit up as he recalled his previous days as a paratrooper in World War II. As he began walking me through the plane from tail to wing to wing I could not think of a better homage to pay to him then to name this beer after the B 24…. The name is in reference to the b24 Liberator bomber it holds extreme significance in World War II history as being an innovator In changing the dynamics of the war. Hop Bomber is a marriage of three different styles of beer, an English bitter as its base (english crystal malt and base)a Roggen beer in its flavor (rye)and an American pale in its aroma(American hops-cascade,bravo,galenA) So the name is actually not in reference to its strength in terms of hops (ibu’s) it’s actually in reference to an airplane and being an innovator in marriage of styles. We have actually had people ask for it as hop bomb or the bomb, We would definitely like to clear the air and let everyone know that this is a wonderful rye Pale ale and not an I PA. When we came around to naming our double IPa which is the hop Baron we could not think of a better reference to a more well-known and respected plane then the red barons plane… That’s where that one came from:) Thank you so much for the kind words on the beer, This is one of my go too’s I always keep hop bomber in my fridge at home. Thanks again guys and keep up the good work spreading the cheer of great beer!

    Jason Roeper CEO
    The Rivertown Brewing Co


  2. I like the glass you put it in. Maybe Jason should give you a Rivertown glass so you don’t have to use one from “another” local brewery. HA!



    1. LOL, good eye Scott. I thought about that while I was taking the pic but I already let my brother-in-law use my Rivertown pint glass.


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