Beer Review: Mt. Carmel Third Shift Imperial Coffee Stout

I’ve been interested in trying this beer for sometime, especially since deciding that this winter was gonna focus on stouts and porters. After digging into the Mt. Carmel Porch Pack again then seeing this was on the Growler Station at the Whole Foods in Mason I decided it was time to try this beer. This is part of their “limited” series that is only available on draft and is supposedly temporary though this has been around for a long time. Mt. Carmel
Beer: Third Shift Imperial Coffee Stout
Style: Imperial Stout
Alcohol by Volume: 10%

Super dark black color that lets no light through. Thick solid tan head that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

Super rich coffee aroma that I can smell from a foot away. Very roasted malt bitterness in the smell as well. Some chocolate in there as well but it’s overwhelmed by the coffee and the malt.

Flavor matches the aroma featuring more of the coffee and chocolate. Very very strong flavor. There is a slight buttery taste that may be diacetyl, I’m not super familiar with the taste but this is what I’d imagine it’d taste like. You can also taste the alcohol but it doesn’t taste like 10% though after half a beer you sure are feeling it.

Uber creamy, smooth, medium body mouth feel .

Overall a really great stout and a really big shame that this isn’t bottled. I got a growler of this at the Whole Foods in Mason, you can also get it at the Mt. Carmel brewery and probably a few other places around town from time to time. My recommendation is to keep an eye on the Hoperatives weekly Growler & Tasting report to track this down.

A quick word on Whole Foods in Mason, they have an excellent beer selection that includes a pick-6 area seen below.

If that wasn’t good enough they also have a 6-tap tasting/growler fill area… which is slightly overpriced but does have a nice selection of beers.

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