50 West Makes A Great First Impression

I have been noticeably absent from posting for quite awhile.  Graduate school applications have been ruling my life.  However, with those slowing down, I decided to come out of retirement and let you know about a new Cincinnati brewery: 50 West.

15 Beers on Tap!

My wife and I met the three owners of the new Cincinnati brewery at Beer and Sweat this year.  They were very friendly and we chatted for a good hour or so at the time.  Their master brewer, Blake, worked under Brad at Jackie O’s, which further added to my intrigue.  Their beers have been slowly popping up around the city at bars in the past month or so, and their first offerings were very impressive.  Needless to say, I was looking forward to the official opening of their brewery.

Their grand opening was this past Friday, and we had the chance to spend the afternoon Sunday at the brewery.  I am not sure I could have left more impressed with the work these guys are doing.

For starters, they had FIFTEEN house brewed beers for their opening.  And every single one was good.  I would go as far as calling 6-7 of them exceptional.  The Coast to Coast IPA and Wet Hop Ale are the two best hoppy beers I have had from a Cincinnati brewery, and the Coffee Stout on Nitro, Belgian Pale Ale, and Christmas Cookie Ale were all very well done.  They plan on having 24 house brews at a time in the very near future!

With speaking with Blake, it is clear that his time at Jackie O’s has had a very large influence on their brewery (and if you know anything about Jackie O’s, this is not a bad thing).  There are already four bourbon barrels filled with beer (2 stouts and 2 scotch ales) aging in the basement, and he has seven or eight different sour yeast cultures building in the basement for future beers.

Buffalo Trace Barrels with Stout and Scotch Ale!
Buffalo Trace Barrels with Stout and Scotch Ale!

The brewery is in the old Heritage Restaurant on Route 50, and the building itself was also impressive.  There is plenty of seating both inside and outside, and they have a ton of room for expansion.  The building has been around since the 1800’s and carries plenty of charm.  For now, they are doing simple snacks and partnering with local food trucks.  They also have a shuffle board table!

I strongly urge you to check this place out, it is a very welcome addition to the Cincinnati craft beer community.  If their first impression is any indication of whats to come, we are all in for some very good beer!




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