Some Listermann/Triple Digit News


Got some news direct from the source just a moment ago on some happenings over at Listermann/Triple Digit.

On Listermann:

White Death Bottle/Draft release is today at 5 pm. Bottles are $11.99 and limited to 3 with only about 480 bottles existing. We called our winter warmer at the Christmas in July Party White Death. This beer is the base beer for this and the only White Death going forward will be the barrel-aged kind. We will have held a few kegs of it back from the July party so we will have the base beer on draft as well as the BA version from 5 til close tomorrow. The Regular version will be on draft there after until we run out while White Death will see occasional appearances at events (Hint hint: End of World) and randomly at the tasting room. 20 cases will be hitting retailers (details on exactly where forthcoming).

On Cincinnatus (see review of last year’s batch here):

This beer will be in 4 packs this year. Price is $17.99 a 4 pack. Working on release date, but probably next week. We have 120 waxed, hand signed and numbered singles only available at the brewery. Those will run $5.50 a bottle. We have 2011 Cincinnatus in our cool room. We will be making a 4 pack with two vintage and two new bottles available for $19.99. I will get you the release date as soon as we know. These will be seeing distribution to NKY and Cincy. About 2300 total 12 oz bottles made with kegs making special appearances where we see fit.

On Triple Digit:

Triple Digit: Very excited for Chickow! to Finally see approval. Press release attached. Bottles and Draft will be available very soon, as soon as we get labels in. Beer is already bottled and Kegs kegged. Just waiting on labels.

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