Beer Review: Clown Shoe’s Tramp Stamp

Ahh the Tramp Stamp, that famous female upper-ass tattoo of the late 90’s and early 00’s, the female counterpart to men’s tribal tattoo. Both were a hot fad until people realized they had these tattoos forever and these tattoos made them look a bit like a douche. Luckily this beer won’t make you look like a douche, unfortunately it doesn’t last forever. While in Atlanta for Christmas my dad took my brother and I to The Beer Growler. While they had over 50 some beers this one immediately stood out to me. First for the brewery name then the beer name. I knew I’d heard good things about Clown Shoe’s beer but couldn’t remember where I heard it or what beer I’d heard about. As soon as I took a taste of the sample they gave me I knew this was going in my growler. I ended up buying a bottle of it and filling my growler with it again before leaving town. That growler is getting drunk tonight for New Years Eve, but before all that gets going read my thoughts after the jump.

Brewery: Clown Shoes
Beer: Tramp Stamp
Style: Belgian IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 7%
Calories: 210
Hops: Columbus, Amarillo, and Centennial

Pours a pretty copper/amber brown with bountiful dull white head. Slight haze and significant carbonation is visible.

Nice malty aroma with hints of caramel. Lots of citrus hop and some Belgian dark fruits as well.

Taste is full of those Belgian fruits and more citrus orange peel hop action. There is a fair touch of bitterness as well, not overpowering by any means but nice.

Lots of bubbly carbonation hit my tongue riding on a medium body.

While this isn’t the most amazing beer ever I really like the combo of Belgian & IPA. Quite a few breweries have started making Belgian IPAs and they all come out a little different, this is easily my favorite so far.

Sadly this isn’t available anywhere near Cincinnati so your best bet will be setting up a trade or traveling to one of these places. I strongly suggest getting this beer anyway possible!

Now for my favorite Tramp related song.

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