Beer Review: ???

I’m going to do something a little different today. I’m going to do my best to put aside my prejudices and help you do the same. To that end I won’t be naming this beer till the very end, until after I’ve given it as thorough and unbiased a review as I can. If you want you can cheat and skip ahead that’s fine or you may figure out what beer this is along the way anyhow, but please bare with me on this little experiment.

Brewery: ????
Beer: ????
Style: Pale Lager
Alcohol by Volume: 4.1%
Calories: 123

Pours a very light, highly translucent, pale yellow. Topped off with a fair bit of bubbly head that is white as the driven snow falling outside my window. While the head is gone in minutes hundreds of carbonation bubbles continue to rise. Overall a little light but not a displeasing appearance.

Faint aroma of malts and some hops. Not enough of either for me to really pull out many specific flavors.

Very smooth and ultra clean taste not showcasing much of anything. What’s there brings some bitterness but hardly enough to place if it’s from malts or hops. Certainly no notable flavors of any kind.

An impressively light body, perhaps the lightest I’ve ever tried. Again I repeat the clean smooth finish.

Overall a very simple beer that brings nothing complicated or outstanding to the table. This beer honestly isn’t bad in anyway, that said it’s not particularly good in anyway… it just kinda is. What is amazing about this beer is that you can travel the country and the world and wherever you are Bud Light will always be exactly the same. Yep, I just gave you the most honest review I can muster of one of the beers most scorned by beer snobs.

Scorning this beer is why some of us our snobs. We must learn to appreciate Bud Light for what it is and isn’t. It is a modern marvel of chemical and engineering brilliance. To create so standard a product that it universally tastes the same and sells so well, and at a scant 123 calories! The sales alone are proof that despite what anyone wants to say about Bud Light, if it was a horrible beer people would not drink it. Sure, once people know about better beer they often turn away from Bud Light, but if it was truly bad they’d never drink it in the first place. If I was desperate to diet and drink I would likely have this more, but I love beer for the flavor and variety not just for the alcohol.

So get off your high horse and give Bud Light another try, plus you can’t always drink great beer… at least not as long as Mike Brown runs the Bengals.

6 thoughts on “Beer Review: ???”

  1. May I give my two cents? “Clean” (being an absence of off-flavors) is expected in quality beer, craft or commodity. I agree that the consistency of a product brewed in such massive quantities as this one is a feat of industry. I believe the beer deserves its place among beer “snobs” because it (and all commodity beer) has been reduced down to just that, a commodity. The food and beverage we enjoy should show the character of the artisans who crafted or cared for them. Whether its Kraft cheese, Smithfield bacon, Pepsi, or Budweiser, consuming commodities rob you of the divine experience of hand crafted and/or cared for food and beverage. If striving for that makes me a beer snob, paint my portrait with my nose turned up.



    1. I like to think that striving for “the divine experience of hand crafted” (nice phrasing) while still recognizing the quality of mass produced products makes us beer connoisseurs.


    2. Agree 100%, Jay. If I want something light on the palate, give me a SN Summerfest or other light-bodied pilsner any day of the week over an adjunct lager. Thanks for the comment!


  2. I think my wife said it best: “I love food. Call me a snob, but if I’m going to eat something I want it to be the best, most flavorful it can be.” I feel the same about beer.


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