Beer Review: Mt. Carmel Ardennes

Friday night was the official launch of Mt. Carmel’s newest beer in their Snapshot series. Previous entries have been the fantastic Third Shift Imperial Coffee Stout (my review of it) and Obsidian, an imperial black rye IPA I have yet to try. Many folks had an opportunity to try this at Listermann’s Starkbier fest last weekend but I had prior obligations so I was psyched when I heard this was coming to Dutch’s. A perfect blend of my love of Belgians, my love of locals, and my love of Dutch’s! Patrick Clark, Mt. Carmel’s brand manager, was on hand for the event and provided some background info on this brew:

We’re trying to go for a Belgian quad that’s not heavy on the palate but that’s got the flavor of a quad. What I love about this beer is that you pick up on the yeast notes right up front. So you get the notes of the clove, the notes of the banana characteristics that are true to form [of classic Belgian styles]. Then it goes into a very pronounced malt body that you can pick up on. There’s a sense of that sweetness that’s also balanced by the acidity that’s there that kind of goes into the finishes of a sweet orange peal and a little bit of spice. As it warms more of a rounded nature comes forward creating for a very complex kind of beer. We’re very excited for it because it’s the first local quad that’s been done.

I forgot to shoot a pic of the brew so here is the artwork
I forgot to shoot a pic of the brew so here is the artwork

Brewery: Mt. Carmel Brewing Company
Beer: Ardennes
Style: Belgian Quad
ABV: 9.6%

Very cloudy amber color color with a light off white head that slims down to a thin coating quick. Not typical quad appearance as I was expecting something a bit darker, but still enticing.

Great aromas with loads of banana and cloves backed by a solid malt body. Very great classic Belgian action.

Taste follows suit with the aroma featuring lots of dark fruits, bananas, and cloves. Brings in a bit of alcohol warmth that belies it’s 9.6% strength. Solid malt body balances out the yeast a bit though there is very little hop action to speak of. Again all pretty true to Belgian quadruple style lines.

Body feel is pretty smooth and creamy with a very light weight and decent carbonation to it.

Oh and leave a few sips in your glass and let them warm up for a while, very different experience when warmed. It shows off quite a bit more of the Belgian flavors and aromas!

There isn’t much of a shortage of Belgian quads but definitely none by any local breweries. While this isn’t the best Belgian quad out there this is a great beer if you’re into Belgians, if you’re not into Belgians then give it a whirl anyways since it’s a short time opportunity  The biggest problem with this beer will be availability. As it’s part of the snapshot series that means it’s only on taps and only for a limited time. The Mt.Carmel tap room is the easiest and most assured place to be able to get it and will have growler fills. Other than that I’ve heard you should be able to find it at Dutch’s (where I had it), and word says that the following are getting some soon: Taste of Belgium, dilly Cafe, Zips, Arthur’s, Allyn’s, and Senate, other than that I suggest you just ask at your favorite watering hole.

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  1. You can also find it available at Big Brews & Blues on May 17th at Carillon Park in Dayton Ohio. It will be one of their featured special tappings for their all American draught craft beer tasting event.


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