Beer Review: Miller Lite

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. After hunting down and enjoying the lovely Founders KBS (my review) I decided to take an alternative direction and finally try the ultra-available Miller Lite. Honestly I have been meaning to get around to trying this since the beginning of the year, and my diet. I figured after having the super high calories KBS (at ~337) now was a great time to try Miller Lite (at ~110)… it was also $1 for 24 oz and I felt cheap.

Brewery: Miller Brewing Company
Beer: Miller Lite
Style: Light Lager
ABV: 4.1%
Calories: 126

A light but somehow rich yellow liquid topped with a thick ultra-white head of foam. Amazing clarity on this one. Honestly a pretty decent appearance.

Almost no aroma at all just a wee bit of light grain.

Very plain taste with more grain action and a tiny bit of what I think are earthy hops, but it’s barely there… or I’m stretching for something that isn’t there at all.

Massive amounts of carbonation implode all over the mouth with what could possibly be a lighter body then water.

Overall I can see why this is so popular, there is nothing to complain about. Nothing about this beer is “bad” but nothing is good either… which I just realized is almost exactly what I said about Bud Light (my review)…. no wonder I’ve never really been able to tell the two apart. Which makes me wonder how some people get so uppity on Bud vs. Miller.

Anyway, if you’re on a diet like me then I would encourage you to seek moderation of the more calorie heavy craft beers. 2 or 3 delicious craft beers a week is far better than one of these lite beers a night. Sure you save calories but you lose so much more. Just moderate your craft beer and work out a little extra. If I’ve managed to lose 14 pounds in 3 months anyone can!

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    1. Lol, I did proof read a few times to make sure I didn’t do that. Then included “light” in my keywords for folks who search on it.


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