Beer Review: Rivertown Old Sour Cherry Porter (2013)

Rivertown’s Old Sour Cherry Porter is making the rounds at the stores again. This is, I believe, the third year for this beer and past reviews report it has being under carbonated and a bit flat. I have never personally had this before and am not really super psyched for it but extremely curious. Sours are a large uncharted territory for me as I’ve only had a few. That said I intend to give this beer my best and most unbiased review possible, a goal I apply to every beer I try. First off here’s what Rivertown says:

We combined our Imperial Porter with fresh dark Michigan cherries, and then aged it for over three months in a bourbon barrel inoculated with wild yeast. This is a bottle conditioned ale, and can cellar for over five years. Enjoy!

BAS2Brewery: Rivertown Brewing Company
Beer: Old Sour Cherry Porter
Style: Sour/Wild ale
ABV: 9%
Calories: ~270

Pours a super dark black that shows a slight hue of amber/brown when a bright led light is held up to the other side. Topped off with a thin layer of light brown head that quickly slimmed away to a ring around the edge of the glass.

Smells a lot like the Roebling imperial porter (which it’s based off of) providing a bit of vanilla and dark chocolate. You can tell there is cherry and some light sourness which mostly brings the word “funk” to mind.

Very interesting flavor profile. The first thing to hit your tongue is a quick hint of Roebling, a very quick hint of the vanilla and chocolate, that is replaced by sour funk, then lingering cherry action. The sourness is light and brief so folks shouldn’t be concerned about some tremendous sour action. The biggest thing is, as with most sours, that the first sip is the most aggressive sour action and everyone after that is smoother and tastier.

Medium-light body with very little carbonation. Creamy but leaves a slight slick on the tongue. No sense of the 9% ABV in the flavor or body.

This is a really interesting beer right now and will only get more complex, and hopefully more carbonated, with age. I regret only buying 1 and will be seeking out another to cellar. This years edition should be available at most better beer stores around town, I know Cellar’s Pub (aka Village Wine Cellar) in Lebanon has some, and it was at the brewery last time I was there. Also the last time I was at Belmont Party Supply up in Dayton they had quite a few bottles of this, Ville de Rivere Gueuze, and the Lambic all from last year!!!

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