Beer Review: MadTree Happy Amber

The second MadTree beer to hit the cans is their amber ale known as Happy Amber. It’s been around town in kegs for a few weeks now and before that you may have seen a MadTree beer called Batch One. Batch One was what would become the Happy Amber, but they called it Batch One as it was the very first batch on their production system. They’ve made a few batches since then and last week they canned a batch of it!

Not the “appropriate” glass but I’ve been waiting to bust out my new MadTree glass!

Brewery: MadTree
Beer: Happy Amber
Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 6%
Calories: ~180

Amber is the perfect word to describe the color of this amber ale. Topped off with a nice light tan head.

Powerful caramel aroma from the malts dominates the nose. A bit of hops in the background, I honestly can’t place if they’re earthy or citrusy. I think it’s one then go back to the other. Either way the hops aren’t very powerful.

Very sweet taste full of that nice caramel action mixed with some warm biscuit love. Small hop bite and bitterness clears things up the debate from the nose and shows a citrus character.

Nice medium body with solid carbonation and a smooth finish.

Another great beer by MadTree to follow-up their PsycHOPathy (my review) and as a prequel to their Gnarly Brown which hit cans earlier this week. PsycHOPathy, Happy Amber, and Gnarly Brown are all available in 6-packs, pints, or growlers at the brewery as well as on tap various places around town HOWEVER starting next week (or so) you should see those 6-packs popping up for sale in stores around town!! I’ve heard Jungle Jims will get it and Everything D’Vine has tweeted that they’ll have it Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you’re impatient they are having the grand opening of their tap-room tomorrow night (Saturday 4/13/13) from 5 pm – 1 AM. PsycHOPathy, Happy Amber, and Gnarly Brown will all be available on tap, for growler fills and 6-packs. Their Identity Crisis and Sprye, the spring seasonal, will also be on tap for pints and growler fills as well. Once you’ve had plenty to drink C’Est Cheese will be on hand to give you plenty to eat!

After the grand opening normal taproom hours will be as follows:

Thurs: 4pm-12am
Fri: 4pm-1am
Sat: 12pm-1am
The brewery address is 5161 Kennedy avenue, it’s right where 71 and the lateral meet which is super convenient for many… however Kennedy ave is under construction so it kinda sucks getting in or out of there.

5 thoughts on “Beer Review: MadTree Happy Amber”

    1. I can’t speak to this beer specifically because I haven’t tried it yet, but probably I’ve had upwards of 100 or so excellent beers. Not surprising, considering the thousands upon thousands of beer available now to the consumer.

      I can see how, if someone is a big fan of amber ales, they might think a well done one would be excellent. I’d probably disagree since I’m not a big fan of the style, but whatever. To each their own.


    2. Personally I do think that this is a great beer. It’s not bad, better than good, and less than amazing. Perhaps I need to consult a thesaurus more often, though I prefer to use generalized terms like good vs. great. That may make it easier for readers to compare my thoughts across an array of my reviews.

      No, I don’t think it being a local beer has a significant impact upon my consideration of it’s greatness. The only possible connection could be that since it is local it’s easier for me to get a fresh beer vs. something from California having to go through distribution networks and sit in warehouses.

      I have considered many beers to be great and have no qualms with that. Having limited time and money to drink beer I have to be selective about what I drink. As a result I generally only drink beer that is more like to be great or better. Once I’ve drunk most of these beers that are more likely to be “great” I’ll move on to other things that may only be “good” or may in fact be “bad”.

      Yes, in my opinion, this beer does fit with the other great beers I’ve had. If you don’t like Amber ales or caramel flavors then it probably isn’t for you.


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