Some MadTree Brewing taproom photos

Last weekend I finally had a chance to get over to MadTree Brewing’s new taproom to try their beer. Enough has been written about them already, so I’ll just post a few pictures I took. I liked the reuse of items in their taproom (doors turned into table tops, for instance). As for the beer, I had a sampler, all of which I enjoyed. I also got to talk briefly with Kenny for the first time in person, and he filled me in on some things coming up.

My only gripe is that I would like to see the hop profile vary a tad between their beers. I understand going for a distinct profile across their brand, but the heavy use of Chinook and Cascade/Centennial made everything except the Gnarly Brown almost feel like a variation on the same beer. Overall, though, their initial lineup is a strong offering and with a tad more variety, I would put them among one of the better breweries in the Cincinnati area.

Lots O Cans
Lots O Cans
Can you tell these are new?
Bar profile from afar
Same bar, closer profile


What I came there for…


Sofie approves of the operation
Sofie approves of the operation

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