Beer Review: Rockmill Tripel

Rockmill is a semi-local brewery from Lancaster, Ohio. Lancaster is about 2 hours from here and slightly south-east of Columbus. They make the somewhat lofty claim that their local water ” is nearly identical in mineral content to that of Wallonia, Belgium, where Belgian ale originated.” They also use all organic ingredients in their beers. I’ve seen the Triple, Dubbel, and Witbier at various locations around town for a while now but have resisted trying them due to the $15 price. I drink a lot of beer and that gets expensive fast so when I’ve always opted for the $10 bomber/750 over the $15 one. I’m not sure why I changed my mind and finally picked this up but I’m glad I did!

Sorry for the poor quality

Brewery: Rockmill Brewery
Beer: Tripel
Style: Belgian Tripl
ABV: 9%
Calories: ~270 per glass

Super dense and cloudy orange brown with skim of white head.

Oh man, ultra pungent flowery aroma jumps out as soon as you pop the cork. Lots of spices, banana, cloves, loads of yeast, bit of bread.

Nice classic tripel flavors showing off some floral hops, much more banana taste, some other fruits like lemon and citrus stuff. Really nice and complex flavor.

Medium body with a pretty smooth feeling and a fair bit of carbonation.

No real sense of the 9% which is nice that you can enjoy this without it being in your face. Super awesomely complex aroma and taste are both very enjoyable. I strongly regret waiting so long to have this. $15 is kinda steep and is why I held off so long but honestly for a very small brewery making beers like this it’s not an unfair price. One thing to note was how hard it was to get the cork out. I’m not sure what that means but I had to get out the wine opener and fight with it a bit. Also kinda accidentally poured the yeast in and didn’t keep it separated too well.

This review was just on their tripel but coincidentally and unbeknownst to me  fellow Cinci beer blogger Queen City Beer Nerd has just posted a review of the dubbel. I picked this bottle up at Jungle Jim’s Eastgate and you can check the Rockmill website for other locations around town as there are a few too many to list here.

I enjoyed this so much that I’m going to find some time this summer to get out to the brewery and try their other beers. I will, of course, let everyone know what I discover out in the rural Ohio countryside!

3 thoughts on “Beer Review: Rockmill Tripel”

  1. I’ve also found their beers at Whole Foods Mason. I purchased the saison which was completely flat. I emailed to brewery to let them know and they were extremely responsive. They made sure there was a replacement bottle waiting for me at Whole Foods within days. The second one was perfectly carbonated. It was a good beer but wasn’t overly remarkable. I’ve had others on pat at a lower price point.


  2. Their beers are way too expensive for what you get. They’re above average quality, but in my opinion, you can find the same quality for less money.


    1. with my experience they definintely have great quality. and after living in washington state for a while, I definitely am use to the price they charge. they are definitely on par with northwest US beers price wise for what you get. i mean. try buyin a .5L bottle of craft cider for that. it may be slightly steep, but their brewery is so small that there isn’t really much like Rockmill in ohio. They are one of a kind in the buckeye state. they seem to resemble a small washington or oregon cidery even moreso, but with beer rather than cider obviously. same quality and such. just different product. sadly, their price is just more than anything else in the market in OH. So they may fail to continue in the future if they cannot compete monetarily. But good stuff nonetheless.


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