Who Dey think gonna raise more money?

Football season is back and MadTree is teaming up with the Northern Kentucky Home Brewers guild to raise money for the Alzheimer Association of greater Cincinnati PLUS watch the Bengal’s (hopefully) kick the Bear’s ass!

9-4-2013 11-27-57 AM

I normally don’t post on events too much but this one is very important to me as my grandmother died from complications with Alzheimer and it’s a fucking shitty way to die. I try not to cuss on the blog as much as I do in conversation but “fucking shitty” is the best way to describe watching someone you love suffer from Alzheimer.

It might be a bit funny at first when your prim, proper, and very lady like grandma rips one at the dinner table but after she tries to walk out of the house because her mom (who’s been dead 30+ years) wants her to come because it’s getting dark out shit gets scary. In the end she forgot how to eat or drink and only got water through a damp rag. It was hard on me but especially hard on my grandfather who’d been with her for 60 years. He still visits her grave every day 8 years later.

No one should have to see their family go through that. So please come out and drink some tasty beers to celebrate the Bengal’s win… or more likely drink some tasty beers to commiserate the Bengal’s loss. But either way, come out, drink tasty beer, eat tasty food, and help raise some money!

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