Changing of the Guard: Part II

Tom here and this is all in response to Josh’s post last month, if you haven’t read it go check it out and come back.

I’m sad to see Josh go and regret only knowing and working with him for such a short time. I’m taking over operations here but I’ve made it clear to him he’ll always have a place to post whatever he wants. I owe him a tremendous amount for taking a leap of faith on me on a year and a half ago.

As far as the future of the blog goes I plan on changing very little of what you see but a bit of what you don’t. We’ve been hosted on from the get go and have begun to feel very constricted here. Both Josh and I agreed on this before he found out he’d be leaving town. During the next few weeks I’ll be moving the site off and onto separate hosting and a WordPress.Org setup. Hopefully nothing will change from the readers viewpoint.

One of the other big things that will be changing is the ads. WordPress was kind enough to invite us to join their WordAds program, the only advertising allowed on hosting, and put this videos at the bottom of every post. Those will be going away and be replaced with sponsors. The plan here is to display the sponsors logo and have it link to their site. I’ve already got at least 1 interested person and if you’d like to sponsor the site as well please feel free to email at for more details. If that is able to cover the bills those will be all the ads there are, if not I will look into other advertising but I promise to keep it as unobtrusive as possible.

Content wise I plan very little to change. Ginny Tonic graciously welcomed her “new Queen City overlords” so she’ll still be writing for us. I also want to re-stress one of Josh’s long-standing policies that anyone who wants to write anything from 1 post to 1 series to the 200+ posts I’ve written is more than welcome! Just send me an email at with your ideas and we’ll get ’em posted. If you like it enough I’ll create an account and you can have a free hand!

If that was all too long and you didn’t read it then rest assured that this changing of the guard means very little is changing here on Queen City Drinks, we’ve had a good thing going and I don’t want to screw it up.

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