Beer Savers Product Review

With the number of beers coming in bombers, and many of those only being special releases, there will eventually come a time in every beer lovers life when they don’t want to drink the entire bomber in one night. But it’s already opened and it’ll go flat overnight, that my friend is beer abuse and cannot be tolerated! Luckily there is a new product to help out in those situations, the Beer Saver!

Beer Saver

The Product

Beer Savers are plastic bottle cap looking things that slip snugly over the top of your bomber, or 12 ounce bottle. The main benefit that I see is that they quickly and easily recap the bottle so the carbonation released by the beer gets held in by the Beer Saver, keeping the beer carbonated longer. The website touts other advantages such as easily identifying which beer is yours at a bar and helping home brewers keep their bottles clean between sanitizing and filling.

I put these to the test last week with a bomber of New Belgium Fat Tire. My plan was to have a glass, deploy the Beer Saver, and try it again the next day. This would be the most likely scenario for me, opening a beer on Friday and finish it on Saturday. Life got in the way and I wasn’t able to get back to this beer for 5-days, so Beer Saver got quite the workout here.

The Test

I poured slightly more than half the bomber and immediately put the Beer Saver cap on and put the bottle back in the fridge. When I went back to it 5 days later the Beer Saver was noticeably bowed out in the middle, which I took as a good sign of solid carbonation. The cap came off easily and unleashed a loud percussive pop of carbonation being released, loud enough that both the dog and the wife perked up wondering what had happened, another good sign. Pouring it into the glass a small head developed, smaller than when I had initially opened the bottle. As soon as I tasted it I could tell that it was a little flatter than the first opening but there was still an acceptable level of carbonation for me to enjoy it.

This is a good product to help keep a bottle for more than 1 tasting but I’d avoid repeating the 5 day experiment again and would recommend you keep it to 3 days or less. If you head over to right now you can get a set of 6 of them for $5 which is a great deal off the normal price of $12. In comparing the Beer Savers to the Hermetus (my review) I prefer the Hermetus at home but am much more apt to keep a Beer Saver in my pocket when traveling about or judging beer competitions.

Lastly, many thanks to my buddy Joe for hooking it up with two of these Beer Savers from the pack that he bought!

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