Craft Beer Spot – Cappy’s Wine & Spirits

My fellow Cincinnati beer bloggers and have banded together again to let everyone know what some of our favorite places to buy beer in the area are. I don’t want any stores to feel offended and everyone should be aware I have no favorite beer stores. Here is who has posted so far and I’ll keep this updated as the week goes on:

I’m picking Cappy’s because it’s closer to me than the other beer bloggers and we each wanted to be sure to feature a different store.

Cappy's Wine & Spirits

Cappy’s is relatively new to the local craft beer scene having only been around for a year or so. The building is the former location of Butch’s in Loveland, which was the last stop for many before hitting up Morgan’s canoe rental for a day of floating down the Little Miami River. A fifth per person from Butch’s would usually satisfy a canoe trip… not that I ever did this before I was 21 because that’s illegal… or ever drank on the river as that’s also illegal… Butch’s was a nasty crap hole though and we can all be glad Loveland is rid of it.

Cappy’s came in and started stocking some good local beer. I first stopped over to talk to the owner a few months ago as part of my series on the 3-tier system and immediately realized he was an awesome guy who would do great business. Mostly because he is fair. If he gets a good beer with tight allocation, like Three Floyds Permanent Funeral, he won’t hold anything for anyone. You have to get your ass in there and buy it before it’s gone.

But woe, how will you ever know if he has good beer? Because he tweets everything to everyone from Fat Heads Head Hunter

to a bunch of Bruery beers (get the Rueze it’s killer!)

to the aforementioned Permanent Funeral

If you’re waiting for a rare beer or your favorite local to be in stock, all you need to do is follow @LovelandCappys then wait patiently for him to get in the beer you’re after. He is very active on twitter so if you have a question just tweet him, and he’ll get back to you fast. This is what I love about them most. They do a far better job on social media than anyone else in town. Sure, there is no Facebook action and no real webpage, but Cappy’s is the only joint in town who I can expect a prompt response from.

Loveland may be a bit far for a lot of people, but Cappy’s is worth the drive for whatever beer you’re looking for. Hit the map below to get directions.

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