Follow Friday

I’m personally not a fan of the #FollowFriday thing on Twitter. Mostly because I can never squeeze everyone I think you should follow into 140 characters and I don’t want to pump out 20 tweets for it. Instead I’ve decided to just do a full blog post of all the other beer blogs (or quasi-beer related blogs) on Twitter, Facebook, or just blogs that I think you should follow. There is no order of importance here, just how they popped into my head and/or Twitter feed.

Please note that all links go straight to blogs, from there you can choose which way you want to follow them, i.e., Twitter/Facebook/RSS/Email/Whatever



Everybody Else

I know I forgot a lot of beer people so if I forgot you or think you should be on this list let me know!


6 thoughts on “Follow Friday”

    1. I posted my comment before I wanted to…sorry. But yours and a couple other blogs are how I follow things are going on Cincinnati. I moved away last May to join the brewery industry and now am a brewer and lab geek at Saugatuck Brewing Company in Douglas, Michigan. Prior To that I got my start by volunteering at MadTree Brewing Company.


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