Craft Beer Crafts: DIY Cork Cage Turtle

Making a cork and cage turtle is a trick I picked up from a beer-tender at the World of Beer in Columbus back when it first opened. I don’t remember exactly how she did it but after a few months, I nailed it and have perfected it over and over since then. The first step is to get a corked and caged beer, a variety of these are available from any local better beer seller.

Cork and Cage Turtle Instructions

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Cork and Cage Turtle Detailed Instructions:

  1. Take the cage and bend each of the legs, and the ring with it, outwards. Bend each leg a bit at a time moving around the cage as you go.
  2. Once the legs are bent in use your fingers and a pair of pliers to bend the ring in under the cap. This helps the ring hold the “shell” in place.
  3. Now take the loop at the end of the ring, which was twisted up, and turn slightly while pushing in and tucking under the cap, this is optional; you could leave the neck long and make it more like a Brontosaurus.
  4. Most cages I’ve encountered have two strands of the metal intertwined together on the opposite side of the head. I usually take the pliers and bend this bit in under the cap. Optionally, if going for a Brontosaurus, squeeze this part together and pull it out a bit to make the tail.
  5. I then squeeze the legs together and begin to adjust them, so it stands level.

It’s a fun, easy thing to occupy yourself with while hanging out with friends at a bottle share. Keep a collection as you perfect your art or give them away to friends and family. Heck, some folks would probably pay money for them on Etsy. Let me know if you have any questions about the process OR if you have any cool craft beer crafts to share.

Cork and Cage Turtle Armies

Cork and cage turtle army
The complete Turtle army. Circa 2014
Cork and cage turtle army 2016
Turtle Army in 2016

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