The Beer Alphabet Game!

In one of those random moments of (seemingly) genius inspiration I conceived the idea of a beer alphabet game. This had two real inspirations, first was an alphabet car game my sister and I would play as kids on road trips. The idea was to start with A and find something on the highway that started with A, B, C and so on. For example, A is for Alabama license plate, B is for bus, C is for car, D is for dump truck, etc…

The second inspiration came from the Gashlycrumb Tinies poster my brother had on his door as a teenager. This was the same concept but creeped out with dead little kids, like so:

gashlycrumb8Turns out this type of thing is called an abecedarium which is the thing I, and now you, have learned for the day. The main goal I set out for myself was for each letter to be a beer name, failing that a brewery, or style. So I now present my Beer Alphabet (or abecedarium if you want to be smart about it)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you up to the challenge to create your own Beer Alphabet? If you are share it with us! Make it a challenge with your Facebook friends and get everyone in on the action.

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