Mio Vino Micro Winery

In my continued quest to learn about wine a friend introduced me to a new place in town. Mio Vino is a micro winery in the south end of Blue Ash (Google Maps) that’s getting ready to celebrate its one year anniversary.

Mio Vino Micro Winery Blue Ash Front Window

My Wine

Mio Vino is a rocking little joint jammed with atmosphere. It’s set on a corner of a street in an old building with old shop windows. It leaves an initial impression that it could’ve been here for 50 years. Just looking at it from outside it made me feel warm, comfy, and relaxed.

Mio Vino Entrance


All those feelings continued inside growing to the Cheers feeling that “everybody knows your name” or will at least treat you like they do and that you’re a good friend. As you can see below there are a couple of tables scattered about the room with seats ranging from 2 to 8 for bigger groups. In the corner of the room, next to where the picture was taken from, is a little spot for bands. Friday night was a guy and a guitar singing Christmas songs, Friday was July 25th so ya know… Christmas in July.

Mio Vino tasting room

On the flip side of that room is a small bar for about 5 people with a TV on the back wall. The TV was off that night but I’m told it’s usually playing Sports Center. To the right of the bar are some very comfy looking couches and coffee tables to lounge around while enjoying your glass of wine.

Oh yeah, about that wine

I’m only learning about wine now and am not going to claim to be able to tell good wine from great wine. I can only tell you what I like and what people tell me is good. I liked the 4 different wines I had, Call Me a cab Cabernet. Grape therapy is a solid red that screams grapes all over the place. Mudd eyes is a Chilean Malbec packing a nice puckering punch. Red & white pomegranate Zinfandel was super sweet and fruity, a bit too much for my tastes but if you enjoy fruity wines check this out. These are mostly reds and so far in my wine journey I’ve found I’m a much bigger fan of reds than whites. Don’t worry though Mio Vino has plenty of whites and a few blushes, here’s the whole list. And yes, it really is just $12 for a bottle!

Mio Vino Wine Menu


Mio Vino started up as “a dream and a love of wine” a dream of a guy who likes to make wine. He wanted to share that love with others and decided to open Mio Vino. What’s different here than so many other small wineries or breweries is that his love was making wine and that’s what he wanted to share. That’s why one of the core features of Mio Vino is making your own wine, with their help.

You choose the grapes, work with the team there to make the must (like wort for beer), pitch your yeast, then wait patiently for the yeast to do its thing. After a few weeks you’ll come up with a fancy label and wait some more… probably less patiently this time. A few weeks more you and a bunch of friends come back to Mio Vino and bottle your very own wine that you made yourself!

Fancy Feast

OK, feast may be an exaggeration but fancy is an understatement. Mio Vino sports a short list of snacks all of which sound amazing. I can confirm that the Brie with Jalapeno Jelly went down delicious on top of the crackers. That’s what my friend suggested we get so I never consulted the menu till I began writing this post at home the next day. Now I have to go back just to get that Cream Cheese with Pineapple Habanero Sauce! Here’s the full appetizer menu:

Mio Vino Food Menu

Whether you love wine or are, like me, trying to learn to love it swing by Mio Vino at 7908 Blue Ash Road Deer Park, Ohio 45236 and try some great local wine, or make your own!


  • Sunday/Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday/Wednesday – 4:30 pm – 10 pm
  • Thursday – 4:30 pm – 11 pm
  • Friday – 4:30 pm – 12 pm
  • Saturday – 2 pm – 12 pm

Go like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to stay up-to-date with all their events!

2 thoughts on “Mio Vino Micro Winery”

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  2. Great little shop although I’d really like to have something more substantial to eat with my glass(es) of wine.


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