King of the Ohio IPA Polls are Open!

Earlier this month the King of the Ohio IPA competition was announced with a mention of reader polls opening up soon. Well those reader polls are now open!

King of the Ohio IPA

Two Caveats Before You Yell At Me

Straight India Pale Ales only – This was a decision by the five of us to try and keep things simple. There will be no blacks, whites, reds, sessions, doubles, pineapple or whatever else is out there. My apologies to Rivertown and Blank Slate as this knocks you out of the competition[footnote]despite my desperate love of Blank Slate’s Fork in the Road[/footnote]. Also please bear in mind that this is how pretty much every competition is run.

If I missed someone I apologize – I did my best to find every IPA made in Cincinnati or Dayton so if I’m missing one please leave a comment and I’ll add it in.

The Poll

Now What?

Thank you for voting! We greatly appreciate your participation. Please share this post and encourage your friends to vote for their favorites. Don’t forget to vote on the polls for the other areas of the state!

The polls will be open for two weeks so wait patiently for everyone else to vote and the winner to be calculated.

4 thoughts on “King of the Ohio IPA Polls are Open!”

  1. Not a big deal, but it’s Bangarang! not Bangerang. You may also want to add that it was formerly known as Boomerang. Thanks for including us!


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