Writers Wanted

Queen City Drinks was founded on the idea of multiple authors all writing about different drink related topics in Cincinnati. From better beer bars to the best mixologists and morning coffee spots, if it’s drinkable in Cincinnati that’s what we want to talk about. However it’s has basically turned into “my” beer blog that Ginny writes for occasionally. It’s time to try and get back to the roots and get more people involved talking about more things. Here’s a couple of areas I’d like folks to cover.

Bars & Restaurants

I don’t live downtown and don’t go out to new bars too often. I’m kinda a home body and normally just go out to MadTree or Dutch’s. So I’d really like to find someone who wants to talk about all the bars around OTR and across the city.What they have on the taps or the top shelf, what their speciality in-house mixes are, the overall vibe, bands or music selection, stuff like that. For bars that have food or for restaurants then being a foodie is definitely an upside. Or just saying what kind of food it is and how good or bad it is in generally works as well. Or whatever you want to write about.


Covering the few, but growing, number of wineries around town. Reviewing bottles of wine. Spreading general wine knowledge about styles and how to taste them and what to look for and how they’re made. Or whatever you want to write about wine.

Beer Reviews

I used to thrive on doing beer reviews but I’ve kinda gotten burned out on it. I’ll still do them on occasion but I don’t feel I do enough that need to be done. So I’d love to have somebody write some beer reviews for us. Preferably about new local beers coming out as well as going back and trying older year-round or seasonals. I don’t want someone writing a new review every week about some hard to obtain beer. I say that but I’m not going to tell you what not to write about. And again… or whatever you want to write about beer reviews.

Whatever You Want to Write About

Most importantly is an open forum for you to speak your mind about beverages, preferably alcoholic ones, in the greater Cincinnati area. The three things above are what I’d like to cover if I could but I don’t have all the time, or money, in the world to talk about all these things. But I remain open to other ideas and concepts that you may want to talk about. If you want to talk about something there are strong odds that a lot more people want to read about it. So pitch me your ideas and we’ll hammer things out.

If you just have one idea for one post that’s great and I’ll be happy to post it. If you have a couple ideas that’s even better. If you think you have something shoot it to me and we’ll hammer it out into a solid piece of work. I don’t claim to be the best writer but I’ll gladly proofread your posts for spelling and grammar if you want, though flow has always been more important to be personally.

What’s In It For You?

Honestly, not a tremendous amount unless you work for it. And no actual cash money pretty much ever. You can, if you work it, successfully use this as a launch pad for other businesses like Ginny has done with Tonic Tours. You will get to meet a lot of awesome people and have plenty of great times. If you get into reviewing drinks you will very likely get free samples delivered to you. The same likely goes for restaurants and bars but I can’t personally speak to that as I’ve never gone far down that route. But really the payoff is in the awesome people and the great times.

Have I sold you on the idea of blogging? If so shoot me an email at Tom@QueenCityDrinks.com and let’s talk about what you want to talk about.

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