Beer Review: Mt. Carmel Coffee Brown

Mt. Carmel is Cincinnati’s oldest, currently operating, craft brewery and has made good beer for almost 10 years now. I say good beer and not great because that’s the truth. The Nut Brown, IPA, Stout and all the others are all spot on but not exciting.
They’ve been making great beer for about 2 years. So far I have adored everything to come out of their SnapShot series especially the Imperial IPA and Ardennes Belgian Quad. Originally these beers were draft only but starting with the Imperial IPA a month or two back they began bottling the SnapShot series. Last week they held a launch event for bottles of Mt. Carmel Coffee Brown, unfortunately I had pre-existing obligations but Kate from Brown Ale Girl has a post covering the event.
When I was doing my normal beer buying I spotted this beer on the pick six shelf and couldn’t resist giving it a go. Before we get to my thoughts here’s the blurb from Mt. Carmel’s website:
Mt. Carmel Brewing’s breakfast beer, Coffee Brown Ale, is our unique variation of brown ale, delivering a rich body of dark malt, chocolate and toast. Notes of sweet maple and explosive coffee create a rousing finish perfect for the start of your morning.

Mt. Carmel Coffee Brown

Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 6%
IBU: 38
SRM: 18.1
OG: 1.058

Modest and long-lasting dingy white head atop a copper brown hue with enough clarity to show a plethora of carbonation bubbles.

Rich nuttiness and roasted malt grabs your nose hairs very light dirt/earth hops. My nose is a bit off from a cold this week but I’m not picking up loads of coffee on the aroma. It’s definitely there but not to the extent that I’d really expect from a beer going out of its way to claim to be a Coffee Brown ale.

The coffee lacking from the nose gets picked up in double on the tongue. Great roasted coffee notes playfully blend with roasted and nutty malt. No hops to speak of on the flavor.

Body leans to the heavier side of medium providing a good weight on your tongue. Light bubbly carbonation. Slightly slick finish that hangs around for a bit.

Definitely not the most impressive, or oppressive, coffee beer out there. If you’re on the fence with coffee beers this may be right up your alley. Also if you’re a fan of Mt. Carmel’s Nut Brown, like I am, then you’ll find a lot of similarities here with the added bonus of coffee. Being part of the Snapshot series this may only be around for a few weeks/months so I advise to get out there and try it now. There’s been no word yet but I would guess that this will be back at some point, though that’s no guarantee. Like I said, if you’ve been intrigued by this post pick it up now.

2 thoughts on “Beer Review: Mt. Carmel Coffee Brown”

  1. Unsatisfying? I guess you also missed the snapshots of Squirrel Bite (Imperial Brown) and Obsidian (Black IPA)? Both excellent. Both exciting.


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