A Shoutout to Two Beerded Companies

This is a quick post to make you aware of two companies I’ve recently discovered and fallen in love with. They’re both big fans of beers and beards, they’re both small, and one is local the other is regional. First off for the home team…

The Beerded PigThe Beerded Pig

The Beerded Pig is a BBQ catering company that you may have tasted already if you went to Cellar Dweller’s Blues, Brews, Vino and BBQ event earlier this month. They’re very new but are making very delicious BBQ. Jesse Folk from WCPO, Chris Stevens of Queen City Fresh, and I were lucky enough to get to try brisket, smoked chicken, stuffed peppers, mac & Cheese, and baked beans from these guys. What makes their food so special, besides being delicious? Everything includes some kind of beer in some way.

If all of that has left you salivating and starving for lunch then I encourage you to pre-order BBQ from them for your Super Bowl party. The catering menu is below and everything can be picked up at Cappy’s in Loveland so you can get your beer for the game there as well! Check out the menu and details below, remember to order now since the cut off is tomorrow.

If you already have your Super Bowl food plans planned out then follow these guys on Facebook and Twitter and find a reason to order their food soon!

Next up for the away team, and I promise these companies are not related, probably not even aware of each other, but yes they both use “Beerded” in the name.

The Beerded Beard

The Beerded BeardThis is the brainchild of fellow beer blogger The Artful Pint out of Cleveland. I’m a big fan of his blog because he’s somewhat of an ass like myself and will tell you exactly how it is. I’m a significantly larger fan of his Beerded Beard products because they kick ass.

If you’re a bearded beer loving brethren like myself you need this product. Beard care is very important and using oils or balms keeps your beard health and looking awesome. Most oil and balm companies go for flavors like cigars, cedar, very “Manly” aromas. The Beerded Beard, like The Beerded Pig, goes the beer route. No he doesn’t include beer in his oil but everything includes hops!

Last month I ordered the set of oil, balm, and Chapstick all infused with cascade hops. It gives my beard a nice shine a great hop aroma, and keeps it soft all day long. His core lineup of hop flavors are Columbus, Citra, Cascade, Centennial, Fuggle, Tettnang, and Saaz. Right now, for a limited time that I hope will be repeated, you can get the Big Oz featuring Galaxy and Topaz. I just ordered this so I can’t attest to its aroma but I’m very excited.


Here’s the other good thing about The Beerded Beard. Most Beard oils and balms start at $20 and go up from there. Not here, the normal scents are $16 each and the Big Oz is $20. So you get hop infused beard products, help out a small company in Cleveland, and save a few bucks!

The oils, balms, and Chapstick can be bought through The Beerded Beard Etsy store and you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and don’t forget to start following The Artful Pint beer blog as well!

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