New MadTree Cans Coming Soon Plus One More Surprise…

I don’t normally get into this type of thing as I have no interest in chasing TTB filings. If you want to keep hot on things like that follow Brew Professor on Twitter. That said, the reason I am publishing an article on this is that one of my absolute favorite beers in Cincinnati is going to be canned in early March.

While there hasn’t been much in the way of an official announcement yet, anyone that headed into the warehouse during the MadTree Winter Bonanza 2 would’ve been hard pressed to miss two giant banners

MadTree Galaxy High

MadTree Citra High

I’ll be straight, Citra High was not my cup of tea. It’s great if you adore Citra hops, but I don’t. They’re good hops, crucial for many American IPAs, but they don’t get me excited. Now Galaxy is one of my favorite hops. Plus Galaxy High includes a fair dose of Topaz hops as well. Both Galaxy and Topaz are riding a new wave of Australian hops, which are similar to many New Zealand hops, all featuring strong tropical fruit notes. This makes Galaxy High my favorite local IPA and one of my top 5 all-time favorite beers.

 And A Little Something Different…

In many ways, cans are a better package than bottles. No light to damage the hop flavors, no cap to leak oxygen, no glass to break and cut your hand. Cans are more likely to be recycled, they’re easier to pack and cheaper to ship. However, they never seem as impressive as a bottle, especially a wax dipped bottle, and even though MadTree teased us about it last year, you really shouldn’t wax dip cans.

MadTree Axis Mundi

Don’t fret too much though, while Axis Mundi cans aren’t happening bottles are! Details are still sparse and influx but sometime later this year we should be seeing 500 ml (think Jackie O’s size) bottles from MadTree.


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