Moerlein Super Firkin Saturday + What the Frik is a Firkin?

Just got the following press release about Christian Moerlein’s upcoming Super Firkin Saturday that I wanted to share with you. It also prompted the idea that some folks may not know what a firkin is so we’ll be diving into that after the awesome beer list for this event!

Super Firkin Saturday

Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. is putting on a big party before the Big Game promoting innovation, experimentation and all things local craft beer. For our first-ever Super Firkin Saturday, we’ll have almost two-dozen firkins with unique and specialty beers to serve at the Moerlein Malt House taproom. The event will be held Saturday, Feb. 6, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the taproom in Over-the-Rhine. There is also a charity aspect. A portion of the proceeds from taproom sales will go to the Patrick Wolterman Roger Bacon Scholarship Fund.

Super Firkin Saturday Beer List

  • Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. — Dry-hopped Big Piney IPA; Winter IPA with blood orange; Crimea River Russian Imperial Stout with Coffee; Crimea River Russian Imperial Stout with Boysenberry
  • MadTree Brewing Co. – Hunnid Quad with dark fruit; Stütze Belgian Blonde with pink peppercorn
  • Fat Heads Brewing Co. – Double dry-hopped Headhunter IPA
  • Land Grant Brewing – Greenskeeper Session IPA with white oak & lemon peel; Goon Strong Pale Ale with spruce pine tips
  • Warped Wing Brewing Co. – Baltic Argonaut with vanilla bean
  • Listermann Brewing Co. – 562 Lateral Oatmeal Sweet Stout with Raspberry & Chocolate
  • Dayton Beer Co.- Oregon Alley IPA dry-hopped with Jarrylo hops
  • Taft’s Ale House – Belgian Blonde Ale dry-hopped with Hull Melon hops
  • Blank Slate Brewing Co. – Bonbonerie Opera Cream Stout with cocao nibs
  • Cellar Dweller – Hopewell’s Milk Stout with hazelnut & coffee
  • Mt. Carmel Brewing Co. – Nut Brown Ale with vanilla & cocao nibs
  • Ei8ht Ball Brewing – Prodigal Pale Ale dry-hopped with Chinook hops
  • Fifty West Brewing Co. – Dry-hopped Punch You in the EyePA; Dead End Oatmeal Stout
  • Great Lakes Brewing Co. – Rum spiced Eliot Ness
  • West Sixth Brewing Co. – Key Lime IPA; Creamsicle IPA

What’s a firkin?

Simply put a firkin is a one-quarter barrel of beer or about 10 gallons. They look

Hoff Stevens Keg
Bung is a fun word to say

pretty similar to this Hoff-Stevens keg. The main difference is that a firkin lacks the Sanke keg connection (those two hoses on top of the keg) and instead uses a spile to control the outflow of beer. Both Hoff-Stevens kegs and firkins allow you to easily add ingredients which is how there are so many special and awesome beers at this event.


Also, at Super Firkin Saturday will be a few pins of beers. Pins are the same as firkins, just half the size so about 5 gallons of beer. Which is to say that you should show up early and try the beers you want before the firkins and pins run dry!

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