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All things change eventually, some quickly, some slowly. Four years ago today the first post on Queen City Drinks went live. Josh Osborne started Queen City Drinks with the idea of a team of people writing about beer, spirits, and wine in Cincinnati. We had four semi-regular contributors pretty quickly, but over time, it faded to Josh, Ginny Tonic, and myself. Eventually, Josh’s job moved him out of Cincinnati, and he handed the reins over to me.

I never intentionally stopped focusing on local beer. I do what I do here because I enjoy it; I write about what I want to write about. Turns out over time I’d rather write educational pieces and my opinion on craft beer industry stuff, not local beer news and reviews. Sure, when locality comes into play I turn to Cincinnati, but this blog hasn’t been about “Where, when, and with what to wet your whistle in the Queen City” for quite a while. I also had substantial competition for local beer news for many years. We reached an unspoken non-compete agreement where Brew Prof and Queen City Fresh covered all that stuff.

What the future holds

I loved the collaborative idea that Josh started Queen City Drinks with and wanted to keep that going. Initially, I approached the other local beer bloggers, but as conversations went on they got big boy and big girl jobs in the beer industry leading them to blog less.

Hanging out with Frank Seta aka @MrFriendlyBeer of Brentwood Spirits, and now The Lucky Turtle, one night he got to talking about doing a video series on YouTube. Brent Osborn of Osborn Brewing eventually got pulled into this project as well. Brent’s already done a few videos for Osborn Brewing, so it wasn’t a stretch to join us. As we got brainstorming things more, I decided to roll Queen City Drinks into this new project.

brewmindsQueen City Drinks will be changing names to BrewMinds. If my plan works out as planned, you won’t need to follow or like any new pages or sign up for any new emails as I’ll be renaming everything everywhere I can. Just remember this when you suddenly see BrewMinds on your Twitter feed or Facebook wall.

BrewMinds will be a series of short videos on YouTube. Content will focus on all things beer, brewing, the beer industry, local Cincinnati beer, and if you know Frank you know we have to include blending beers.

I’m still going to write posts just like I do now. Jhon and Ginny are going to stay on board and continue to write occasionally as well. And the policy of other guest writers remains as it was, if you want to write one post or one hundred just shoot me an email. If you want to write a clear advertisement/clickbait piece for a company, save us both the time and don’t shoot me an email.

All in all, not a lot is changing besides the name and some new videos. Now go subscribe to BrewMinds on YouTube and wait for our first video!

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