"Unbridled Brewing" to Open in Middletown, but not next month…

The Middletown Journal rushed publication on this article last night, and it contained incorrect information about “Unbridled Brewing.” I found out about the article this morning and reached out to one of the owners to help clear the air.

Unbridled Brewing Front

The first thing that needs to correct is that there is no way that they “could” open next month like the article states, just look at the building! The construction company poured the concrete floor this week, it’s missing doors and windows, and quite clearly the brick around the
entrance is still surrounded by scaffolding. However, they will open sometime 2016.
 Unbridled Brewing Side
But enough about that, time for some correct information. As a resident of Monroe, the “Unbridled Brewing” building is about 500 feet outside of Monroe city limits, I’ve known about this project for months. The owners kept things quiet because they wanted to make one big coordinated splash, well that’s mostly been sunk now so we talked this morning to set a few things straight.
I spoke with Brian Yavorsky, who is a co-owner and the spokesperson for the company. Brian has been homebrewing for many years and made a delicious nacho beer; no nachos were used as far as I’m aware but it tasted just like nachos, great jalapeño flavor and heat as well. More importantly, Brian was involved in getting Star City Brewery in Miamisburg up and running. There is another co-owner who wishes to remain unnamed at this time. They also have a head brewer signed on, but as he is currently working at a brewery in southwest Ohio, he must remain anonymous as well.

“Unbridled Brewing”

First off, “Unbridled Brewing” was only a working name for the project and may or may not end up being the final name, hence why I keep using quotes around it. The owners weren’t 100% convinced it was a great name. They’re currently going through a branding exercise and need to clear trademarked names so they may not end up being Unbridled due to existing brands or just because they decide they don’t like it that much.
The article in the Middletown Journal did get many things right. “Unbridled Brewing” will be an independent craft brewery in Middletown, Ohio at 3387 Cincinnati-Dayton Road. They investigated various cities but decided on the location on Cin-Day Road due to the proximity to Middletown and  Monroe, and being only 1 mile from the Interstate, casino, outlet mall, and high traffic areas.

Unbridled Brewing and Rivertown location

“Unbridled Brewing” will be the top red dot while the red dot to the left side of the map is Rivertown’s new location. In the bottom right, you can see the I-75 exit for Monroe along with the Cincinnati Premium Outlets. The building is 8,400 sqft and will house a production area and taproom plus patio.

Brewhouse Information

On to some fun beer nerd facts. They’ve ordered a 20-barrel 4-vessel brewhouse. Brian said the engineering details are still being worked out on that so they don’t have an estimate of when it will arrive. As soon as they have the arrival date they’ll be able to announce a much more accurate opening time frame. Fermentation wise they’re starting with four 40-barrel ferments and a 40-barrel bright tank.
That’s all the info that there is right now, but rest assured that as soon as more info comes available I’ll let you know! I’m extremely excited for these guys to open, and not just because they’re across the street from my company.

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