Blank Slate's Scott LaFollette Hired by Fifty West!

Blank Slate closed just over three weeks ago. Here is his statement on the closing and many fond remembrances. Many people have wondered about where the owner and head brewer Scott LaFollette would end up. I am happy to report he has been hired by Fifty West to become the production manager! This is great news for Scott, Fifty West, and Cincinnati beer drinkers!

Here is Fifty West’s press release on the announcement:

CINCINNATI, OH August 29th, 2017—50 West Brewing Company is pleased to announce it will be bulking up it’s brewing staff in anticipation of canning launch throughout the tristate later this year.  Scott LaFollette will be coming on board as the new Production Manager. LaFollete comes with an extensive brewing background, gaining experience as the former owner and head brewer of Blank Slate Brewery. LaFollete started Blank Slate Brewery in 2012 and grew it to be one of the largest craft breweries in the Cincinnati area.  Blank Slate’s growth was driven by a cult like following for Scott’s creative and unique recipe’s that were admired and adorned throughout the city.  Lafollete will oversee all brewing and manufacturing operations for 50 West.

“Scott and I grew up in this industry together and I’ve always admired everything he was able to accomplish.  For the past 5 years anytime we sat in a room full of brewers and someone asked who’s making the best beer in the Cincinnati, the room would always point to Scott.  We at 50 West have a very strong belief in the direction we’re headed and to have Scott apart of the journey is like a dream come true,” states 50 West owner Bobby Slattery.

In addition, 50 West has hired Chris Siegman, the former head brewer of Mt. Carmel Brewery, to take on the lead role at 50 West.  Chris’ passion and experience in the local beer scene made him a natural fit for the position.

“My favorite part about Chris is when he was at Mt. Carmel, after working 50+hour weeks professionally brewing, he would go home and home brew.  His basement was stock piled with recipes he was crafting on the side.  He obviously has a passion for this industry and we’re excited to have him as part of our leadership,” says Slattery.

About 50 West Brewery

Located in a former roadside speakeasy on US Route 50, 50 West Brewing Company first opened its doors in November of 2012.  The brewery has continued to push the boundaries in the beer scene with creative beers and outdoor programming unlike any other brewery in the country.. With a focus on Tradition, Patience, Innovation and Craftsmanship Fifty West views every beer as a journey and invites you to join us for the ride.

2 thoughts on “Blank Slate's Scott LaFollette Hired by Fifty West!”

  1. Great news, congratulations to 50 West for adding another valuable asset to their company, and to Scott LaFollette for landing so well on his feet. HUZZAH !!


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