Braxton Brewing Company to Can Water for Hurricane Harvey Relief

When natural disasters strike those affected need all sorts of aid and something simple as clean drinking water is often on top of that list. AB-InBev and Miller do a great job getting clean canned drinking water into disaster areas. This year craft breweries have stepped up to the plate to help as well with both Oskar Blues and now Cincinnati’s own Braxton Brewing sending in canned water.


Here is Braxton’s full press release:

On Thursday, September 7th, Braxton Brewing Company will be using their canning line for a new purpose — drinking water. In partnership with several suppliers, the Covington-based brewery will be filling 1,000 cases of 12 oz. cans with filtered drinking water. These cans will be sent to Houston and Louisiana to support Hurricane Harvey flood relief efforts.

“Evan (Co-Founder & COO of Braxton Brewing Company) and I had a few conversations with those actively helping in Houston and learned that drinking water was one of their biggest needs,” said Jake Rouse, Co-Founder & CEO of Braxton Brewing Company. “We’ve always tried to use Braxton as a vehicle for doing good, so we made a few calls to local companies who helped us re-label existing can inventory, pause production, and fill them with filtered drinking water.”

Braxton Brewing Company, along with several other partners, will be donating products and materials to make this possible. Klöckner Pentaplast, Schawk!, Safety Seal Shrink Sleeve Specialists, Fasttrack Packaging, Verst Group Packaging and Integrity Express Logistics have all donated efforts to this cause.

Second Harvest Foodbank in Lafayette, Louisiana will be distributing the canned water throughout Houston and Louisiana on the brewery’s behalf.

Donate to Second Harvest Foodbank now.

If you would like to join the cause on September 7th, the brewery will be donating $1/pint and be accepting donations of the most needed-disaster relief items:

  • Non-perishable Food: Canned vegetables & fruits, Canned meat (tuna and chicken), Canned soups/stews, Canned beans, Canned chili, Cereal, Ensure & PediaSure, Pasta, Peanut butter, Protein bars/Granola bars, Rice, Shelf-Stable Milk
  • Cleaning Supplies: Bleach, Disinfectants, Gloves, Scrub brushes, Sponges, Trash bags

Learn more about this event here.

To make this possible, Braxton Brewing Company is shrink sleeving their empty Crank Shaft IPA can shells. This was the brewery’s original flagship IPA that they eventually discontinued and replaced with Revamp IPA. In addition, brewery employees are volunteering to run the canning line throughout the day.

More Information

We’ve reached out to Braxton with a few questions for more information, like if the water they canned is the same, or similar, water as that used in the brewing process. We will update this post as soon as we hear back.

Update: Braxton’s Cheif Marketing Officer Jonathan Gandolf got back to us with more details on this relief effort.

Is this filtered drinking water the same, or similar, water to that used in the brewing process?
It will be our carbon filtered brewing water but will go through additional filtration as an added precaution for stability
How difficult was this to arrange?
It was challenging but exciting. We had to go to every aspect of the supply chain, ask if they would donate services and see if they could meet a crazy timeline on top of it. We’re very fortunate.
Will Braxton personally deliver the cans?
It’s crossed our minds but the plan at this point is to just deliver them to second harvest in southern Louisiana and let the experts distribute the water throughout Houston.
Can we expect more relief efforts from Braxton?
We’re hoping to bring in a lot of other relief materials that we can shop on the same truck to second harvest.
How can fans get involved?
Join us on Thursday, drink beer and bring in relief items. Full list here:
How much of a bite did this take from the production schedule?
Our canning line is running almost daily at this point. There was a small window on Thursday that we re-arranged to give us a bigger window and then employees will be volunteering hours to fill cans for almost 24 hours straight.
What other philanthropies does Braxton have planned related to Hurricane Harvey or in general?
This and our Graeter’s Blueberry Pie Collaboration with The Cure Starts Now are our main focus. We’re currently planning some fun things for the holidays. Stay tuned!

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