Details on the Hyde Park Craft Beer Symposia at Teller’s

The folks over at Teller’s just recently released their beer list for their annual Hyde Park Craft Beer Symposia. For those of you not in the know, the Symposia is one of the most unique beer events in the Cincinnati-area. Breweries each bring two beers (mostly draft, though some bottle) to Teller’s for the event. It is very different from other beer festivals in that you sit at a table or at the bar and the beers are brought to you by the wait staff. It’s a cool way to be able to spend time drinking and discussing the beers with old and new friends, rather than waiting in line for a half hour to try a beer.

There are also educational panels which consist of the brewery reps, brewers, and others in the industry. The restaurant is closed during this evening to anyone except ticket-holders, so it’s a quite inclusive thing. They don’t oversell tickets either, unlike some other area events, so it’s a nice, comfortable, casual evening.

The price is $60, which includes pours of the 30+ beers they have available. Food is not included, so if you want something to snack on, you’ll be paying more than that. $60 definitely is not cheap for a beer event that doesn’t include food, but in my modest opinion, it is worth it. Last year they had a number of limited, draft-only beers that there is pretty much no chance you’d be trying anywhere else. Plus, sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

Proceed to the jump for the details on the event and the beer list…

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Listermann Brewing Company’s First Annual Christmas in July Party

The good folks at Listermann are having what looks to be a fun event, and I thought I would pass to details along to you readers. See below…        

– Josh

Listermann’s is hosting it’s First Annual Christmas in July Party on Friday July 13th!
Time: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Join us and our New Brewmaster as we will be tapping a few kegs of our new seasonal Brew: White Death.  White Death is a winter warmer brewed with Saigon Cinnamon from our friends at Findley Market, Colonel De.
We will be giving away prizes for ugliest sweater and most festive.  We will also have Dino’s Gorilla Grill food truck vending right out side for your dining pleasure.
Christmas may be over 5 months away, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to drink Christmas beer!
Call us with questions: 513-731-1130
Please RSVP on our Facebook Page and Invite your friends!

Two limited beer reviews plus one brand new Cincinnati tour!

I have had a fantastic Saturday starting with a brand new tour of Cincinnati history and followed up with 2 rare beers at Arnold’s.

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Bell’s Brewery Black Note Tapping at Northside Tavern

(@BellsBrewery Black Note tapping at @Northsidetav (2/7/12))

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a tremendous event at Northside Tavern put on by Bell’s. Because they sell so much of the brewery’s beer (2nd-most in the city!), they were able to get an awesome lineup of beers. They range from a pain in the butt to get to next to impossible to get, but all of them were either close or above 10% ABV, so I had to pick my battles carefully. Considering that I have only ever had Hopslam and The Oracle, this broke my heart.

What they had:

  • Hopslam – Needs no introduction. 
  • The Oracle – Hopslam’s, less-hyped, more-limited, better-tasting double IPA brother
  • Hell Hath No Fury: a Belgian strong dark ale
  • Sparking Ale: a Tripel
  • Black Note: A blend of Expedition Stout and Double Cream Stout, aged in bourbon barrels

I was at the event primarily to try Black Note, and oh boy did it deliver. The beer is rated through the roof on pretty much every beer review site out there and it deserves every amazing review it gets. I am here to tell you that Black Note is the real deal: sweet, yet tempered by a slight roast; substantial barrel characteristics (vanilla, oak) without overwhelming the base beer; a substantial, but not thick mouthfeel with a creaminess lended to it from the Double Cream Stout portion of the base; and at 11% or so, just the slightest touch of alcohol heat. It very well might be the best stout I’ve ever tasted — it certainly is in my top five. If you ever see this anywhere and you pass it up, you would be out of your mind. A great, great beer from Bell’s.

After a pint of Black Note, I switched it up with a half pint of The Oracle, then returned to Black Note for another half pint. I decided 32 ounces of high gravity beer was probably enough for one evening, and walked home, the whole time wondering when the next chance to try such an amazing beer again would pop up. Even now, I still have Black Note on my mind…

(Sorry there are no more pictures of the event. They had set the lighting level to ‘sexy’ and I didn’t have a flash on my phone camera, so the pictures turned out like garbage. Nothing too exciting: a full line of Bell’s taps and a pint of Black Note which deceivingly looks like any other pitch black stout.)