Braxton Brewing Company to Can Water for Hurricane Harvey Relief

When natural disasters strike those affected need all sorts of aid and something simple as clean drinking water is often on top of that list. AB-InBev and Miller do a great job getting clean canned drinking water into disaster areas. This year craft breweries have stepped up to the plate to help as well with both Oskar Blues and now Cincinnati’s own Braxton Brewing sending in canned water.


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Blank Slate's Scott LaFollette Hired by Fifty West!

Blank Slate closed just over three weeks ago. Here is his statement on the closing and many fond remembrances. Many people have wondered about where the owner and head brewer Scott LaFollette would end up. I am happy to report he has been hired by Fifty West to become the production manager! This is great news for Scott, Fifty West, and Cincinnati beer drinkers!

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Christian Moerlein's Third Wave: More That Just A New IPA

Christian Moerlein is getting ready to debut cans of their new Third Wave IPA and Purity Pils. These cans feature new branding designs for Moerlein in new package formats. But this is more than just a new IPA and a new look for Moerlein. I recently sat down with Marketing & Events Director Jesse Folk and Vice-President of Brewing Operations Eric Baumann to discuss these changes.

Third Wave IPA

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BC's Bottle Lodge Coming to West Chester

BC’s Bottle Lodge is a new bar and bottle shop coming to West Chester, Ohio. I stopped by this afternoon to talk to the owners and learn about what they have planned.

BC's Bottle Lodge

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MadTree Gnarly Gno More, Delicato Vineyards, and USPTO Case 91221518

Over the past few weeks, some events have popped up featuring varieties of MadTree’s Gnarly Brown and using the phrase “Gnarly Gno More.” MadTree had remained silent on the subject until this Tumblr post from this afternoon. That post resulted in many negative attacks directed at MadTree on Facebook from people upset about losing a favorite beer. MadTree never explained why they’re killing Gnarly Brown and replacing it with P.S.A., so I decided to do some digging. Continue reading “MadTree Gnarly Gno More, Delicato Vineyards, and USPTO Case 91221518”

"Unbridled Brewing" to Open in Middletown, but not next month…

The Middletown Journal rushed publication on this article last night, and it contained incorrect information about “Unbridled Brewing.” I found out about the article this morning and reached out to one of the owners to help clear the air.

Unbridled Brewing Front

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Beer Nutritional Info: The FDA Isn't Going To Take Your Beer Away

It’s been making the rounds over the past week that the FDA will require beer nutritional info on menus. I feel like the information I’ve read has been vague and full of hyperbole, I mean

“Government health nannies are thirsty for a new target, and this time it’s craft beer.”

That sounds like something from some random blogger and not a writer for the New York Post. You’ve also got the headline Craft beers grabbed by Obamacare’s long reach from the Washington Examiner. While it’s true, this change by the FDA is part of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) it wasn’t set out specifically targeting craft beer, or beer at all.

I set out to research and read the rules myself. The final verbiage is available here. You can also read the comments and replies about the proposal as well as the FDA’s guidance for the industry. The comments and replies were more interesting and revealing because this was not going to apply to alcohol until the comments came in. Let’s skip the claims made to garner clicks and take a look at what the rule says.

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