Westvleteren 12 release at The Party Source

From the Party Source beer newsletter. Good luck and happy hunting!

It is with great pride and joy that we are announcing the release of the highly sought after Westvleteren XII. There are very strict rules and regulations handed down by the Abbey itself on how and when you can sell as well as buy these beers. Westvleteren XII displays a score of 100 points on both ratebeer and beeradvocate. It is considered by many to be the best beer in the world, as well as the most elusive. Westvleteren was founded in 1838, and has gained national recognition for their beer, which are not brewed for normal commercial demands. The Party Source Beer Department is one of the very few lucky retailers in the US to be able to offer these beers. However, with great reward come rules. In order to be one of the fortunate, you must follow the orders handed down by the monastery. So please check all of the details below on how you can purchase this amazing six-pack that includes two Westvleteren XII glasses. Mark it on your calendar, the Westvleteren XII Gift Set will be sold online for in store pickup ONLY at 12 pm on 12/12/12.


To distribute this coveted gift set to as many as possible, sales of Westvleteren XII are limited as follows: You may purchase one gift set of Westvleteren XII and one gift set only per person / household / address. Orders that violate this policy will be summarily deleted without notice.

Sales of Westvleteren XII are first come, first serve. There is no waiting list, and The Party Source cannot hold or sell gift sets in advance, take sales by phone or in the store. We also cannot deviate from these limits for anyone. Finally, we regret that we cannot combine orders of Westvleteren XII from multiple customers. Each customer can only order his or her own Westvleteren XII Gift Set.

The Party Source is pleased to announce that the Westvleteren XII Gift Set will go on sale exclusively online (for in-store pickup ONLY, sorry no shipping) on Wednesday, December 12th at 12:00 pm EST.


Some Listermann/Triple Digit News


Got some news direct from the source just a moment ago on some happenings over at Listermann/Triple Digit.

On Listermann:

White Death Bottle/Draft release is today at 5 pm. Bottles are $11.99 and limited to 3 with only about 480 bottles existing. We called our winter warmer at the Christmas in July Party White Death. This beer is the base beer for this and the only White Death going forward will be the barrel-aged kind. We will have held a few kegs of it back from the July party so we will have the base beer on draft as well as the BA version from 5 til close tomorrow. The Regular version will be on draft there after until we run out while White Death will see occasional appearances at events (Hint hint: End of World) and randomly at the tasting room. 20 cases will be hitting retailers (details on exactly where forthcoming).

On Cincinnatus (see review of last year’s batch here):

This beer will be in 4 packs this year. Price is $17.99 a 4 pack. Working on release date, but probably next week. We have 120 waxed, hand signed and numbered singles only available at the brewery. Those will run $5.50 a bottle. We have 2011 Cincinnatus in our cool room. We will be making a 4 pack with two vintage and two new bottles available for $19.99. I will get you the release date as soon as we know. These will be seeing distribution to NKY and Cincy. About 2300 total 12 oz bottles made with kegs making special appearances where we see fit.

On Triple Digit:

Triple Digit: Very excited for Chickow! to Finally see approval. Press release attached. Bottles and Draft will be available very soon, as soon as we get labels in. Beer is already bottled and Kegs kegged. Just waiting on labels.

Details on Jackie O’s 7th Anniversary Bottle Release (December 15)

Details have been released at Rick Armon’s “Ohio Breweries” blog concerning Jackie O’s 7th Anniversary bottle release on December 15. For those of you not in the know, Jackie O’s is a brewpub located in Athens, Ohio. Their head brewer, Brad Clark, is one of the most creative and talented brewers in the United States. He is big on barrel treatments and sours, which has drawn a large amount of attention in the national craft beer scene (he was featured on the cover of Beer Advocate Magazine). These events tend to be “beer geek” pilgrimages, with folks coming from all over the U.S. to gather, share great beers Friday and Saturday, and then buy bottles on Saturday.

This will be my third release I’ve attended and I’ve had a fantastic time at all of them. I will have more details/background next week, since I’ll be bunking with a fellow local beer blogger and will be putting together a joint post covering the event afterwords.

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery in Athens will hold its seventh anniversary party combined with a bottle release Dec. 15. The brewpub will have an eye-popping 40 Jackie O’s beers on draft for the celebration and will have seven bottled beers available for purchase.

“We’re going to have a big weekend,” brewer Brad Clark told me during a visit to Athens this week. “We’re packaging a ton of barrel aged beers.”

The seven bottled beers will be: Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Apparition, Bourbon Barrel Aged Brick Kiln, Rum Barrel Aged Brick Kiln, Bourbon Barrel Aged Skipping Stone, Rum Barrel Aged Oil of Aphrodite, Thorogood and Oaky Golden Pucker, a sour that was aged for 46 months.

As usual, the brewpub has several tasty and unusual beers on draft. They include Dark Apparition Nuts, a Russian imperial stout aged with pecans, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts and almonds; Dark Apparition Kopi Luwak, the imperial stout aged on the world’s most expensive coffee; and Moustache Melter, a pale ale infused with habanero peppers. (If you’re not familiar with Kopi Luwak, it’s the coffee bean gathered from the excrement of the civet, a wild cat-like animal.)

Meanwhile, the Jackie O’s production brewery is getting closer to opening. The majority of eqiupment is in place, including the 20-barrel Newlands Systems brewhouse. Owner Art Oestrike said he hopes to be producing beer there before the end of the year but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s early next year.

The production brewery will include a tap room — which features a gorgeous bar crafted by American Elm Workshops — and outdoor patio area. The plan is still to distribute draft beer at first to the Athens and Columbus areas, and then in a month or so offer cans as well. When asked when Jackie O’s might hit the Cincinnati, Cleveland another other markets, Oestrike said it’s important to serve the local community first and not overextend the brewery. The production brewery will offer three beers initially for distribution: Firefly Amber Ale, Mystic Mama and Chomolungma.

Hat tip to Rick Armon’s “Ohio Breweries”

Some Listermann/Triple Digit Updates…

It looks like it’s going to be a busy couple of months over at Listermann/Triple Digit. In addition to the Black Friday and End of the World parties (details below), they’ll be doing tappings of the Blank Slate/Triple Digit collaboration, Determination, at the Covington Keystone (tonight; 6PM) and Cock and Bull Covington (11/30).

Additionally, both White Death and Cincinnatus (bourbon barrel aged imperial stout) will be released soon. Last year’s Cincinnatus was a fantastic improvement on the prior version, so I’m quite excited to get ahold of some bottles of it once it’s released. For those of you interested, last year’s version can still be found at the Party Source. I think I’ll be picking up once or two more to do a comparison with this year’s.

Some Quaff Bros updates…

From the Party Source newsletter:

Thanks for buying up all of the Sour Grapes! With a limit of just two bottles per customer to help spread the love (something we never thought we would have to do) it is now sold out. There is just a few 1/6 barrels of Quaff Bros. “Joseph“ left and with the speed it is going on our growler station, it won’t last long. What else is going on? Well, lots! We are now in cahoots with Scott from Blank Slate Brewing Co., and are hoping for a draft only white wine influenced brew coming to us in a few months. We are also in the early stages of three new Quaff projects with our good friends from Listermanns and Triple Digit. We will not let the cat all the way out of the bag yet, but preparations for Cincy Winter Beer Fest 2013 are being made. We also will have a brew just in time for the holidays, which we can promise you is like no other beer on the planet. Finally, the next time you read about and taste a Quaff Bros. beer it will be “Ginever“, a Belgium style Blonde aged in Corsair Gin/Rum barrels. More news to come soon. Keep Quaffing, cheers!

New local beer alert: Lexington Brewing Co. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout

Ok, this isn’t actually a local beer, but with how wacky people are about Lexington’s Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale around here (I am not one of those people wacky about it), I thought I’d put this up for you to keep an eye out for. At the Craft Beer Symposia at Teller’s this year, a representative from Lexington noted that they would be releasing a bourbon barrel-aged coffee stout, but he didn’t give any details in terms of the timeline. I’d assume, since the label has been approved, that it’s not too long from being released. Anyways, just something to watch the shelves for.

From Lexington Brewing Co.’s website:

Barrels that once contained world-famous Kentucky Bourbon lend a sweet hint of caramel and vanilla to dark-roasted malts and finish with the essence of a lightly roasted coffee. The barrel-aged flavors native to Kentucky compliment this complex stout brewed and aged with Haitian coffee to create the bourbon country’s own Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout.

Coming soon to Kentucky and Ohio markets.

Know more about this beer? Email me at QueenCityDrinks@gmail.com

(H/T to Beer Pulse)