Josh O.

I’m a relatively recent Cincinnati transplant (about two years now), originally from Michigan, but with stops through Houston and Indianapolis. I’ve been a beer drinker since his undergraduate days (of course), but pursued the “craft beer” path starting three or four years ago. Before that, beer served as more of a inebriant than something that should be savored and enjoyed slowly. I really enjoy IPAs, but am particularly partial to sour/wild ales,  barrel aged stouts and barleywines, and anything else with a touch of the adventurous. I’ve homebrewed a handful of time and look forward to getting into it more in the future, but Steve is definitely the homebrewer out of this crew. I’ve just very recently started getting into whiskeys (primarily bourbon) and am still attempting to get a palate for the nuances of the spirit. It’s something entirely new to me and I’m just getting my legs.

As for my personal life, I’ve been married to a wonderful gal for just almost two years now and, as of me writing this, our daughter will be a year old next month. I live in Northside, the greatest neighborhood in Cincinnati. I tweet personally at@joshosbo if, for whatever reason, you’re interested in my non-alcohol musings.

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