Tom Aguero

I got into reviewing beer by being a nerd with a bad memory. Starting with a spreadsheet to keep track of what I’ve had and what I’ve thought of it turned into sharing my thoughts with friends on Facebook and via email. Then when I saw Josh inviting people to write content for Queen City Drinks I decided it was time to take what seemed to be the next logical step up for me. This led to meeting some amazing people, starting my own homebrewing, and most recently taking full control of the blog when Josh had to move out of state. You can follow me on my personal Twitter @Tom_Aguero

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2 thoughts on “Tom Aguero”

  1. Hey Tom! Fantastic Bigfoot article. I really enjoyed reading it. Any chance you have the bottle caps from these beers? I’ve been collecting them for years and I’m only missing a couple from the 90’s.
    Have a great day!
    Bryan Mertz


    1. Thank’s for reading! I wish I still had them. I collect caps as well and meant to keep those, but as you can imagine I was pretty well intoxicated by the end and the host tossed them with the trash the next day.


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