Sample and Gift Policy

(AKA: Want your product reviewed?)

The method of acquiring the whatever we review will be noted in the review itself, whether it be for purchase, via trade (or BIF), at a tasting, or a gift from a personal acquaintance, brewery, distributor, or store. In the case of a gift from an interested party (brewery, distributor, or store), the gift itself will have absolutely no bearing at all and providing me with samples WILL NOT buy you a good review. Also, in no instance will cash will be accepted in exchange for a review.

If you have a recommendation for a beer/wine/spirit that I should taste and review or are a party interested in having a  beer/wine/spirit/event reviewed on this blog, please email me.

One thought on “Sample and Gift Policy”

  1. I’m surprised you haven’t reviewed Woodstone Creek. They’ve been around forever. If you take a look at their facebook page, there’s reviews from Saveur Magazine, BTI and Murray’s Whisky Bible. I can’t imagine anything more appropriate for one of your articles about Queen City drinking.


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