Beer Review: Schlafly Tripel

On a trip to Indy last year I stumbled across 2 Belgians from a brewery I’d never heard of before and scored them both. The brewery was Schlafly, which I understand is one of the bigger/better breweries in St. Louis (not counting he who shall not be named). The beers were Tripel and Quadrupel, it’s nice to occasionally find simple straight forward beer names. When I got home I realized I bought way too much beer to fit in the fridge and decided that it was a good time to get into aging beer. I didn’t start with any lofty goals I just went in needing more space for beer and hoping to keep them for as long as possible. Well, this one made it a year and more friends have joined the Quad.

I’ve gone into the history of Tripels a few times in previous posts so to sum it up.

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Beer Review: Trappistes Rochefort 10

Newer readers may not know this, but Belgian ales are my love, passion, and absolute favorite style. I’ve reviewed a few Belgians (full list) on this site already, including my review of Trappistes Rochefort 8. I also wrote a long post on the history of Trappist beers which you should check out if you’re unfamiliar with Belgian ales or Trappist beers (which the following beer is one of).

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Beer Review: Flying Dog Single Hop Imperial IPA (Chinook)

Flying Dog has a great series of beers on their hands here, even though I’ve only had 2 out of 4 (or 5, not sure). Basically the premise behind their line of Single Hop IPAs is just that, they use a single hop. Many IPAs use 3 or 4 or more varieties of hops to create the ultra hoppy beers which are all the rage these days. Flying Dog decided to forget all that and release a series of beers that focuses on a single hop. This gives you a clear vision of what that hop smells and tastes like. On top of that awesomeness the 2 that I had both rocked! Here’s my review of the Chinook:

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Beer Review: Great Divide 18th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA

Long names seem to be getting more common… and leading to better beer!

Brewery: Great Divide
Beer: 18th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA
Style: Imperial IPA
Alcohol by volume: 10%

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Beer Review: Sam Adam’s New World

Another Belgian tripel from the folks at Sam Adams. The brewers took a couple interesting twists with this by dry hopping it with Saaz hops then they mix in their Kosmic Mother Funk. The Kosmic Mother Funk, besides now being on my must try list, is an oak aged Belgian ale. Let’s see how the New World compares to all the other Belgian Tripel’s out there.

Sam's New World

Brewery: Sam Adams
Beer: New World
Style: Tripel
Alcohol by Volume: 10%

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Beer Review: La Trappe Quadruple Oak Aged – Batch #7

This is one of the most interesting and complex beers I’ve had the opportunity to try. La Trappe took a Belgian Quad, already one of my favorite styles, and let it mature in old whiskey barrels. This resulted in something amazing…

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