Beer Review: Terrapin Beer Company

On my recent vacation to North Carolina I had the opportunity to try quite a few Terrapin beers. I knew it was a Georgia beer but had never gotten around to trying it due to an affiliation for SweetWater and their 420 Extra Pale Ale. Anyway, here comes the selection of Terrapin beers I had.

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Beer Review: Sam Adam’s Grumpy Monk

Sam’s new beer falls right in line with my Belgian quest presenting an interesting and rare detour to a Belgian IPA. Which is definitely an American invention and not a Belgian one.

Sam's Grumpy Monk

Brewery: Sam Adams
Beer: Grumpy Monky
Style: Belgian IPA
Alcohol by volume: 5.8%

Read on after the break for the full review!

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Two limited beer reviews plus one brand new Cincinnati tour!

I have had a fantastic Saturday starting with a brand new tour of Cincinnati history and followed up with 2 rare beers at Arnold’s.

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Beer Review: 3 Floyds Brian Boru

When I posted my review of Sam Adam’s Irish Red and noted how generic it was for the style a friend of mine suggested I try 3 Floyds Brian Boru, saying it would “give me a whole new Irish Red perspective.” That it certainly did. Brian Boru is a far cry from Sam’s Irish Red and is unlike any other Irish Red, or any other beer, I’ve encountered before. Read on after the break to find out why….

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Beer Review: Dogfish Head’s Saison du BUFF

I’ve never been a fan of sour ales but 2012 seems to be the year for saisons (aka farmhouse ales). Quite a few different breweries are producing these extremely sour beers. So despite by bad past experiences I decided to give the Saison Du BUFF a try. I’ll do the review first then explain a bit about saisons and the story of BUFF.

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Beer Review: Newcastle Brown Ale

Brewery: Caledonian Brewery
Beer: Newcastle Brown Ale
Style: English Brown Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 4.70%

[Note: These were samples provided by Caledonian as part of a new “No Bollocks” ad campaign. The glass I got some time ago. The fact that they were free has in no way affected my review. Also, myself and this blog are in no way obligated to provide good reviews, though free beer does always rock and I’m always psyched for free beer! So I thank the folks at Caledonian!]

This pours a dark amber brown with minimal light brown head from what I admit was a less than awesome pour on my part, so I may have gotten less head then one would normally see.

I’m not getting much smell off this maybe a bit of malt, though my sinuses were problematic in the morning so that could be causing problems.

It’s got a nice dry and smooth mouth feel followed by a bit of crispness. The taste isn’t too powerful in any direction but the most powerful component is malt which stands out a bit.

As it warms up it becomes a bit crisper and seems like a tiny bit of hop flavor is kicking up.

Overall it’s an acceptable session beer, but nothing I would drink too often or if I wanted to taste something interesting. I’ll give it a 3/5 which I think might be slightly generous, but I don’t give 2.75’s, so I’ll round up.

Beer Review: Bell’s Oberon Ale

Brewery: Bell’s
Beer: Oberon Ale
Style: American Pale Wheat Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 5.8%

It’s summertime and that means American store shelves are getting crammed with wheat ales like this one. This beer pours out a very cloudy dark yellow kinda burnt straw like color with a light off-white head.

Smells like there is some kind of fruit in here like lemon, or orange, something citrus and zesty… which is pretty standard for these summer wheat ales.

The first, as well as last lingering, sensation that hits my mouth is best described as smooth and cool. That would be really nice on a hot summer day out by the pool.

The taste is definitely of wheat with a light hint of citrus in the background. There is also a fair bit of carbonation going on in the mouth which is an OK feature, but not a great one, in my opinion.

Overall I think it’s just a mediocre summer wheat ale and I’ll stick to Sam’s Summer Ale.

I’ll give this one a 3/5 rating.